Late Night Quotes

1. Great advice . . .


2.  An extremely good point, well made!


3.  My favourite!


4. No excuses!


5.  When things don’t work out the way you wanted them to . . .


6.  My theme of late!

7.  She’s a survivor, it could be a “he” as well.

8. Advice in relationships.


9.  A sad but truthful quote:


10. And finally a poem I found tonight that I now love . . .


Have a lovely evening! 




26 thoughts on “Late Night Quotes”

  1. Number 2 really made me think… what the majority say, do or choose isn’t necessarily correct (how ironic when you think of democracy) Throughout history the good guys have always been ridiculed by most but proved right later on…proving how important it is to stand firm even when you’re outnumbered or in today’s media age, manipulated and judged.

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    1. Yes forsure, we always have to look what at what the individual wants too not just the group. Immanuel Kant a philosopher said that we should always choose what is best for the greater amount of people in society. Hitler for instance, is the problem with that belief right there and I would think, many other evil men through out history. Thanks for commenting.

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