Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: When He Fell Asleep

Shane’s bedroom felt empty and cold, as if every bit of warmth and life had been sucked out of it. It was hard for Kristen to believe, only a few hours ago, her darling boy had been rolling around on his blanket.

One minute Shane had been gurgling and laughing as he held his ABC’s book on his blanket and the next he had fallen asleep peacefully on his back.

Except, Kristen thought, tears streaming down her face, Shane never woke up. Kristen thought Shane was still asleep but when she touched his tiny body he wasn’t breathing; she called 911 hurriedly.

A kindly EMT, Patrick, comforted Kristen.”There is nothing you could have done that would have saved Shane. We don’t know a lot about why babies die from SIDS in their sleep.” Patrick added.

“Still, I should have paid better attention to him . . .” Kristen sobbed.

Patrick looked at Kristen and held her hand.” You’re a parent Kristen and you’re human. You did the best you could,“nothing, especially taking care of a baby,is ever as easy as it looks.” Parents have no control when a baby dies suddenly so please don’t blame yourself. Grieve, and if you like, have the courage to be a Mother again.


Kid’s Books (www.publicdomainarchive.com)


Thanks to Roger Shipp for hosting this week’s FFftPP.



©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.



35 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: When He Fell Asleep”

  1. Wonderful story…full of emotion and understanding. It is so sad when this happens. Parents ask what they did wrong, and they did nothing wrong . Things happen that we just do not have an answer for.


    1. Thank you Michael. I’m glad your son lived and is turning 29-years-old! I was reading an article on SIDS. It made me very sad, that we still don’t know why many SIDS diagnosed babies die. Thank you for your comment and enjoy your weekend!

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      1. Its a very mysterious situation when the perfectly healthy baby dies without there appearing to be any reason. I know they asked a thousand questions of us at the time about his sleeping habits and all that…

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    1. Hi Sonya, thanks for reading and your comment. It is a very sad story. But there is hope at the and that Kristen will realize there is nothing she could have done and will eventually have another child with her husband 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading and your comments. Yes, it’s very tragic. I imagine you would feel very uneasy about having another baby a year or two down the Road. But Kristen is a good Mom, so I hope her and her husband do.

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    1. Thanks for your comments PJ. I read an article on SIDS and it inspired the story. I could understand being so afraid of SIDS. Still so little is known as to why it happens. I was trying to get Sarandon understanding in my story. I’m glad it worked.

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  2. I wonder if, later, she will remember his firm words absolving her of blame. What he says could be comforting because what he says is real. You manage emotion and instruction here. I didn’t realize I was learning more about SIDS while so involved in the story. Good work, Mandi!

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  3. Heartbreaking! I’ve known some families where this has happened, and it really made me anxious as a new parent. I remember breathing a sigh of relief when I got past that stage–but then it’s onto something else! Parenting is just scary stuff!

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