Sunday Photo Fiction: “The Sacrifice.”

“So, um Simon, what are we doing here?” I asked my friend. 

“Well, we’re going to a Baptist Church,” Simon says.

“I’m Lutheran, and we aren’t into speaking tongues and overly emotional praise music.” I tell Simon. 

“Well maybe, Baptists feel that emotional singing demonstrates their belief in God. Besides you only go to Church a couple of times a month, Miranda.”

“Doesn’t change my beliefs,” I tell Simon. “I learned and chose to believe in Jesus. I don’t agree with everything the Lutheran’s believe, but on the important matters I do.” I sigh, “let’s hope the Pastor doesn’t talk for two-hours.”

In the sanctuary I’m struck dumb. The people in the pews are dressed in black robes. There is a man on the alter with a fancier black robe and signs on his religious scarf. The signs look demonic, to my horror. I turn to leave and Simon grabs me.

” You told me they were Baptist — not Satanists!” I cry.

Simon smiles mischievously, “Satan requires a sacrifice from us and she needs to be one of Jesus’s flock. She’s you Miranda.”

“I believe in Jesus and I will go to heaven because of my Faith when I die. Get your hands off me Simon, I’m not dying today.”

Simon’s face is pure evil. “You’ll be with your Saviour soon, and you’re not going anywhere. The sacrifice ritual has begun.” 


Al Forbes

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting SPF.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.

26 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: “The Sacrifice.””

  1. Oh man! That’s scary! What kind of horrible person does that to a friend? I really do hope she got away. I think it’s funny that your lead character has the same name as mine this week. Does something about the picture say ‘Miranda’? Great story full of tension and suspense. I enjoyed it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess, perhaps, society, at least in days gone by saw woman and children as more ‘innocent’ and woman as more morally centred so thus not as bad — more pure for sacrifice. I don’t want to know why really lol. Thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, sadly I didn’t mean to make the Baptists look bad. I know some who are great people. But let’s just hope no Satanists use a Church as a hiding spot to worship Satan. I don’t know how Miranda escapes, but I hope she does. Thanks for reading.


    1. Thank you PJ. I think it is the ultimate horror story because I have always found Churches to be peaceful, to be a place where one feels this profound sense of harmony. So, when Satan is in God’s house, that is horrible. Thanks for reading and commenting PJ.


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