Poem: “The Good.”


A personal matter, what you believe,

What is the fire in your furnace,

And why keep it a secret, if you think you’re right.

Perhaps, you’re afraid that you think the wrong thoughts.

Perhaps, you’re prejudiced and say the wrong words.

Maybe you talk, about that which you don’t understand.

Maybe, you don’t really know what you believe.

It’s okay, but you shouldn’t be ashamed.


Where does the good go? It isn’t for reward,

It’s because you believe in a God who is the word ‘good.’

People aren’t good, don’t you see the news?

Sin and badness is within us — from Adam innate.

Even when we try, the good isn’t always good.

It’s hard to explain, but I won’t keep quiet,

Why should I keep my faith locked up, when others could benefit? 

Good deeds have no reward, but they make you feel good.

They are needed in a world where many things are wrong.

And are to be done because it is for the moral good to do.

Also because it was commanded by God to be good neighbours.


You may not believe in a heaven.

Good deeds won’t get you there, but faith could be the cure.

Didn’t you ever wonder where the good came from,

Don’t twist what is truly good, evil is simply good twisted.

Don’t tell me faith is personal and should be hidden.

That’s like being caught in the darkest deepest blackest hole,

And having a candle that could light the way out,

But never lighting it because that candle is ‘personally yours,’

Someone else might find your light, and benefit from its glow,

I share my faith, because my light could lead others home.

So, where is your light, when your candle isn’t lit.

You’ll never find your way out of prison walking in black pitch.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.


11 thoughts on “Poem: “The Good.””

    1. Thanks Charly. I’m glad the poem resonated with you. I think He challenges us but always has our backs keeping us standing — never going through more then we can handle. Have a good weekend:)


  1. Beautifully written!! What a wonderful way of saying that we shouldn’t stop being good.
    Found the below lines quite thought provoking:

    “But never lighting it because that candle is ‘personally yours,’

    Someone else might find your light, and benefit from its glow,”

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    1. Glad you enjoyed this. Thank you for your comments. It is mostly about having faith in God. If you believed in something that would be helpful to other people ‘you would let your light shine,’ and share it with others. You wouldn’t keep your beliefs as solely a personal matter if it could help people. In the right situation and right time you would talk about it. The same way you would talk about a diet that really helped you lose weight to a friend, or about a book that helped you deal with hard times. Thanks again.

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  2. I agree, a benediction.

    When we’re uncertain in our thoughts, we may share with those we trust. And pray to one who is perfectly trustworthy.

    But always do what’s good, just as you say. Evil is good twisted–you got that truth just right. Some (many) think that good and evil are separate, even equally powerful, forces. But they’re not. Evil aberrates what already exists. By itself, it’s nothing.

    Thank you so much!

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    1. Thanks for your comments Christopher. I have always found good works a difficult concept. Do we do them bc God commanded us to or because we should do them because they are the right thing to do. Perhaps, the answer is both questions have roots in Jesus.

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      1. I understand the difficulty. I’ve found myself in conversations–arguments, really–about faith versus good works. I tend to think they somehow go together. But my view is probably rather simplistic. We do good works because they’re there to do. And God likes it when we do them. You’re right, certainly. The answer is rooted in Christ.


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