Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Never Again 

In the distance, I can see her smiling on the beach on the pathway across the water to the Chateaux Blanc. Jolene’s beauty can only be found in a classic movie or a photograph. Men bother my niece, persistently, because she is gorgeous.

“You’re the most stunning woman, Jolene.” I told her.”Don’t you want a man to love and care for you? Don’t you want to grow old with someone and give Kasia a Dad?”

” I don’t need love Auntie; I had love. I had Scott and he married Katrina. He mailed me a picture yesterday of their second child, a sweet baby boy. I’m merely a friend to Scott now.”

” How can you stand to see Scott and Katrina together, when I know you’ve never stopped loving him?’ I ask Jolene.

“Because I have Kasia. Because I always have a piece of Scott in her.” Jolene showed me the latest picture of Kasia on her IPhone.

“Does Scott have any idea about Kasia, Jolene?” Jolene shakes her head at me.

“No Auntie. Scott is with Katrina. When he didn’t choose me, he didn’t choose Kasia either. He knew I was pregnant before we broke up and he gave me money to ‘take care’ of the baby as if she were some problem. Scott assumes I had Kasia aborted, we don’t talk about it. He’s never met Kasia so there is no way he could connect the dots.”

“So you’ll never tell him he has a daughter?” I ask Jolene sadly.

” No Auntie. I have a life with Kasia and perhaps, one day I’ll tell her about Scott but not now. He’ll never break my heart again and he won’t break my daughter’s heart by rejecting her. No man will hurt us.”




Thanks to TJ Paris for the prompt picture and Priceless Joy for hosting.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved. 

41 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Never Again ”

  1. When I started reading, I thought she possessed an attitude that for her sake deserved to change. But by the end, you crafted her perspective and her rationale in such a way that I was convinced. Her view is sad, though it’s reasoned. Thanks for such good crafting!

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    1. Well you are right though. Even though she has a good reason to stay away from men and hide her daughter from Scott. She has to get to a point where she can trust men again, she can’t tell her daughter all men are bad. A Teenage Kasia isn’t going to agree when she wants to date. Thank you for your compliments and reading. Watch for a part 2. I think Jolene’s story has unanswered questions 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much. That is very sweet. I’m usually an award free zone, unless I have time. Unfortunately, right now I’m very busy. But thank you for the nomination and your wonderful thoughts 🙂


  2. Scott is such a jerk! How could he ask her to ‘take care’ of the baby! It’s a life, not a toy. He’s such an irresponsible man. 😦 Good that he left. Great story that evoke strong emotions!. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for your comments. Yeah Scott is a jerk. He wasn’t truthful with Jolene about his feelings for her. And now he’ll never know about his daughter, at least until she’s an adult.


    1. Thank you Ameena. I feel there is more to it so I think I will do a continuation on it. I think Kasia has a right to know too. Someday, I think when she is eighteen or so, Kasia might approach her father. Jolene will tell her the truth 🙂


  3. A very interesting read. I am looking forward to more. I can understand why she doesn’t want Kasia to know about her father and I hope Kasia will understand one day too, but secrets like that can cause a great deal of harm. It could end up being a real problem.

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    1. Thanks for reading Jessie. I started this piece thinking it was kind of dull. But I think it turned into something interesting and inspiring. Eventually, I think an entire short story. Parts 2 and 3 are published. They are longer reads, but they give a good background and tell you where Kasia and Jolene are at presently. Part 4 will be out hopefully end of this week. Thanks for your comments Jessie.

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