Venice & The Carnival

Angela Eve. A University student learning in Venice for the time being during Mardi Gras.


She is otherworldly.

Hundreds of small islands connected by thousands of picturesque bridges, you cannot turn your head without dropping your jaw. Red, yellow, pink, and orange buildings against the bright blue sky and beautifully crafted gondolas cutting through the canals beneath your feet. Not an automobile in sight, not a care in the world. You begin to question whether or not the world outside still exists, then let the idea fade along with all other concerns. IMG_6253

I imagine the Venetians who live here, the very few, have spoiled their eyes with such views. A child, born and raised on these scenic shores, will venture outside this city one day. The mainland will bring sadness to his eyes as he discovers the real world is not as colorful, not as vivid, not everyone lives inside of a postcard. IMG_6257

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2 thoughts on “Venice & The Carnival”

  1. Thank you for re-posting this. USA media tends to favor overly what’s happening here. I figured I would not see much or hear much on the news about carnival happenings in Brazil or Italy or anywhere else. Here, though, I get to learn directly about the Venetian experience. I very much appreciate the cosmopolitan aspect in this.

    Grazie mille!

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