“Oh The Places You’ll Go” – A List of My Dream Destinations 

1. France

a. Paris


Paris, France
b. Lyon


Lyon, France
c. Capri


Capri, France
d. Nice, France

Nice, France

2. Italy

a. Florence


Florence, Italy
b. Rome


Rome, Italy
c. Venice


Venice, Italy
d. Milan


Milan, Italy
e. Tuscany

Tuscany, Italy

3. Greece

a. Athens


Athens, Greece
b. Santorini

Santorini, Greece

4. Spain

a. Madrid


Madrid, Spain
b. Grenada

Grenada, Spain

5. Hawaii

a. Hawaii


b. Maiu


c. Oaha



Thanks to Le Duchesse D’Erat for her list writing prompts.


25 thoughts on ““Oh The Places You’ll Go” – A List of My Dream Destinations ”

      1. We’ve gone on several cruises to various places and last November we went to Hawaii. It’s really beautiful! I would have loved to take the helicopter ride over all the islands, but we did not get a chance to do that. Hopefully, we will make it to Japan in the next few years. Our oldest son is moving there the end of March and will be working there for at least 3 years and maybe 5. He has to come back after that. He was there for 4 years when he was in the army and he loved it, learned the language and has kept in contact with friends he made while there.

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      2. Oh that’s very neat. Hope you enjoy Japan! I have been to Mexico but not off the continent. Many places in the US but not Hawaii. Canada is a lovely place to visit especially with our low dollar BC or Quebec are my favourites, although Alberts has some wonderful places too. Thanks Jessie.

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