Echos of My Neighbourhood: Good Times with Good Friends

University Girls
Some of My Best Friends at the Legion one afternoon. It was the closest thing we had to a bar and the food was better than the cafeteria’s and the beer was cheap.

Thanks to Jacqueline from a Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales for hosting Echos of My Neighbourhood each week.

I won’t tell you too much about the fun I had with these girls about eight or nine years ago now. I am just grateful I still have them all in my life. We had a habit of picking up one those disposable cameras you could buy at the drugstore. We took a load of pictures every weekend we went out for quite sometime. The amazing thing is I have scrap booked all the important ones. Smart phone cameras weren’t good then infact, I think flip phones were what was in.

For a long time these have been photos on my Facebook wall. My generation was the first generation to use Facebook. I think I signed up in second year. We at first only read each other’s posts and added anyone and everyone we knew or saw at our small university of under two-thousand students. There was no advertising or games. But it was nice to be in a small university too. I doubt I would have come upon the friends I have if I’d gone to a bigger university. Not to mention if you ran into someone else who went to our same university, you were bestfriends the whole night.

University Girls 1
Pre-drinking with some friends before going out for a friend of a friend’s Birthday.

We studied hard and spent a lot of time going out to bars and clubs. I think I liked the country bars the best. During this time, smoking was banned from bars in Edmonton which was wonderful because you didn’t have to take a shower after being up to 4:00 am in the morning. And drinks used to be cheap, especially if you were a lady. You could get highballs for ninety-nine cents anywhere up to two-fifty. Sometimes shots would be on special. Thursday nights were the worst and best nights because we could go down Whyte Avenue in Edmonton and receive mostly free drinks the entire night.

University Girls 3
I meant K because I worked on campus on the bookstore and she worked on campus for the Development Office. We had friends in common too. She is the strong woman who is fighting “C.” We are at one of our fav bars called ‘The Thirsty Turtle” here.

There are lots of good times in the past and lots of good times to occur in the future. We are not all party girls anymore in university but are all attempting to try our luck at ‘adulting’ as we reach the age thirty, some of us sooner than others. Now there are careers, more schooling, husbands and weddings, moving in with boyfriends, pets, and babies. There are some sad parts of life such as dealing with loss and the fact our bodies don’t work quite they way we wish they did when we were twenty. But our friendships have remained strong and I hope they do for a long time. It was fun to be free and to be youthful and do the things girls and guys in university do. But sometimes I think it is even funner to see my friends become ‘adults’ and see where their lives are going. I am so proud of all of them.


University Girls 4
I’m not sure exactly where we were going this night, maybe a Pubcrawl. But we came to our friend H’s apartment and got ready with her. Fun times 🙂


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