Poem: Quatrains on Life

It’s hard to shut my mind off.

There’s no switch, so it keeps wandering,

Down the paths of will I and should I?

Through the trails of could I? Would I?


I think I’ve been making some important steps.

I also think there are parts of the wheel,

That still haven’t turned and the process is slow,

But I try to do well just the same.


I’m stuck in a pattern and it’s not right,

To fear having so many people around,

To wonder how long until my body gives out,

To wish for meaning, but instead I’ll drift.


Idle, conversation, I am merely there to be there,

To see a girl who lights up the world.

But her candle’s been flickering lately.

Even though she is doing well; I worry,


She’s breaking the back of a milicious monster,

It starts with a “C” it’s a terrible disease,

But she doesn’t give it power, 

It’s why she refers to it as ‘Boobitas.’


Maybe, she is being cute but I have to agree,

Power lies with the fears we let overcome us,

And she has a life to live, a baby to love.

Better not to let the ‘C’ word devour.


Tomorrow night there will be a party,

To celebrate her thirty years on earth.

Many will have with them their other half,

But I’m devasted by many guys these days,


I don’t want to be alone, but I’m not desperate,

But to date in your thirties living with Mom,

Makes the dating process harder.

Not to mention it’s hard for me to be out long with my health,


I miss being a couple, but I don’t want my ex back.

I’ve been there before and done that.

And I’ve talked to many guys, they are quick,

And many are sly, they aren’t interested in putting effort in, or talk,


They only want a woman whose warm,

I write stories and I read them too,

Guys in books they don’t exist,

And when I go to write a character,


I follow the literary tradition of writing books about guys woman want,

But don’t exist in the real world,

I’m not sure I could write a real guy,

I’m not sure what the ideal real-life guy is like,


He would probably eat a lot and want a lot of sheet twisting, 

When you go out, he’d say ‘you choose.’

Then not tell you when he hates it.

And he wouldn’t go with you again,


I don’t think there were ever wonderful princes,

I don’t think there are wonderful millionaires or billionaires.

I think there are a lot of people,

Choosing to stay single because they can’t find their person.


But then I see my friends with husbands,

I see their boyfriends and I know they are doing well,

Perhaps, I’m on the outside looking in,

But my past relationship was never quite right.


These are only things I wonder, when I’m tired on a Friday night,

When I had plans but it didn’t work out,

At least I sold my old IPad, slow friend.

And my new one is so fast she purs.


And I’m submitting writing to all these different places, 

I’m trying to build a portfolio of published work.

But it takes time to craft stories and poems,

Even posted here, they still require work.


So, If nothing else I am productive,

And looking to live my writing dreams,

The mouse typing  in a pile of rodents spinning, 

Tomorrow my friend is thirty and even that’s not enough time to be friends with her. 


©Mandibelle. All Rights Reserved.


14 thoughts on “Poem: Quatrains on Life”

  1. Beautiful work….and you’re right, you’re friend with C is right…don’t settle, life is too short to be lived for the second best {third or fourth…}. Please tell your friend SHE is an inspiration.

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      1. I faced an early ovarian cancer diagnosis last year and was able to have surgeries to remove it; I’ll be monitored for reemergence. I wish her the best in her diagnosis and treatment — and recovery.

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  2. There are so many angles to this beautiful lyrical prose but my thoughts are live life on your terms love on your own terms and let’s not count the days. Age is a matter of numbers. I have seen people find their person when they were not looking. I am glad that C is not dictating your friends life.

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    1. Thank you Jacqueline it has been enlightening for me that I actually have to stand up and stick to my standards despite some sly men. My friend is doing great. I saw her tonight. She has a tough journey but she whethers it with a smile and grace. Thank you for your comments.

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  3. It’s wonderful to know that your friend is not letting C win the fight. It may be tough but thinking positive seem to have its benefits (i’m doing cancer survivorship research). All the very best to her x

    Love is hard or are we the picky ones? I don’t think any relationship is perfect and there’s a lot of compromising to do. I hope you’ll meet a decent guy whom you feel you can start something beautiful with soon 🙂 meanwhile all the best with your endeavours and hope to see some of your work published in the near future! ❤


  4. A very happy birthday to your friend with the disease that starts with a “C”. I hope she can heal from this disease. It is difficult these days for single people, especially single women. I truly hope for those who are seeking someone to spend the rest of their life with, that they will all find the right one.

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    1. Thank you PJ. She had a good time last night. She was very touched for her friends who came to her surprised birthday party. And she has the cutest little one and half year old who did well even though he was up a few hours after his bedtime. Thanks for commenting and reading.


  5. When I was a boy, many in the neighborhood were girls. Which handed me a sort-of blank slate when it came to relationships. On the one hand, I didn’t understand role expectations. On the other, I admired strong people no matter what the gender. And I looked for a partner. Hard to do when the roles still matter. Too much.

    All this is evoked by your open, assertive, honest, and provocative expression here. Thank you!

    Happy Birthday greetings sent along!

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