Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: The Yellow Brick Road

When you go down the yellow brick road,

And find yourself wandering off path,

Be aware that wherever you traverse,

They’re is more than merely witches in the wood,


When you go down the yellow brick road,

And you see the road is turning to grass,

Remember if you keep on walking, they’re whispers,

Of creatures unseen by the common man.


When you go down the yellow brick road,

It is courageous to stop and take a forgotten path.

Be aware of danger, be ready to say, “enough is enough.”

While you traverse, seek the wise and avoid the wicked.


When you go down the yellow brick road,

Be prepared there are worse horrors, than fangs, claws, and teeth.

You cannot go home in chucks; where are your ruby slippers?

When you walk this trail prepare yourself, the journey is merciless.


When you go down the yellow brick road,

There is no one to ask for help, no enchantress with a wand.

No little dog to brighten your day, only you walking the barren road.

Darkness is everywhere and light is hours away.



Thanks to Roger Shipp for hosting this Flash Fiction Challenge.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved. 


To a Woman Who Fell off the Edge

My Poem: To a Woman Who Fell off the Edge featured on The Drabble!


by Amanda Eifert

I always wonder why

You left your family that day,

Why you chose the rope,

And not another day on earth?

 I wonder if I stopped

And said the right words,

If you’d still be here today.

]If I offered up my small wisdoms,

As you had given me yours.]

But I didn’t phone you saying,

“It’s going to be okay.”

But I let the moment pass,

And a few weeks later, you died.

Did you know you were my hero?

The person’s whose life,

I wanted to emulate.

Years have passed; I wonder if,

Words would’ve mattered.

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