Echos of My Neighbourhood: Snow and Orchids


Front Land Winter by Amanda Eifert

Where I live, snow and cold is to be expected about eight months of the year. We have had an unusually warm Fall and Winter this year in Edmonton, Alberta. January is midway through and we only received our first -20 degrees Celsius last week. It feels cold at first when you’re not used to the cold but after a few days out -20 degrees Celsius doesn’t seem horrible. 

It’s February I’m worried about. We usually get atleast a few days of -30 degree Celsius weather and we haven’t yet. Not to mention, the snow so far has all been light and fluffy. You can see in the picture how it only sits on the trees without weighing then down. Heavy snow will arrive too making it difficult to shovel walks and driveways. Also, it makes driving more difficult. But right now I’m happy with the beautiful snow we have and how bright it is with the sun reflecting off the snow.

Orchid by Amanda. Eifert

I have mixed feelings about how this particular plant. I like it because it it is a beautiful orchid. It is a living plant growing despite Winter outside. This is the second time it has bloomed. My mixed feelings come in because I received the orchid from my ex this summer in hospital. It was a thoughtful gift from my boyfriend at the time. I said I’d never been given any flowers so he bought me this orchid. But he is my ex so I have to consciously tell myself I cannot throw the pretty plant out into the cold to die. He keeps texting me, wanting to get back together. I wish he’d stop. I try to tell him, I’ve moved on but he doesn’t understand that. So, yes I definitely have confused feelings about this orchid.


Thanks to Jacqueline from A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales for hosting Echos of My Neighbourhood. 

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19 thoughts on “Echos of My Neighbourhood: Snow and Orchids”

  1. A gift comes with so much attached to it, that it can be confusing when what is attached has caused us some form of discomfort – in this case, an ex relationship. I love your build up to the crux of the issue, describing the anxiety of facing colder temperatures while enjoying the fluffy, near weightless snow as you contrast it with the weight of having to decide what to do with the plant that once represented love. Great writing, Mandi!

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  2. I’m surprised the orchid can withstand the cold weather. I can understand why you would have mixed feelings about keeping it. It would be a constant reminder of a part of your life you wish to put in the past. Maybe it would be easier if he would stop trying to get back with you. Even then it’s hard to get rid of a beautiful plant.

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  3. GL in deciding about the orchid and in dealing with your ex and his texts. Prayers for wisdom and guidance and PEACE ! Sounds like you have moved on, so hopefully he can to.
    I am eager to get snow for the first time this winter this weekend starting tomorrow evening! So rare that it has taken this long to snow! But we are supposedly making up for it by getting almost 2 feet!!!! That is ALOT for us! We will see! Yes, I love how the sun glistens on the snow

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    1. Thanks for reading your comment Joyroses. He’s a good guy. I feel bad he can’t move on so I respond. But I think it would be better if I don’t from now on, until he’s over me. Have fun in the snow.


  4. Very nice photos, Mandi. The snow in your yard looks pretty! The orchid is also beautiful. I too can understand how you would feel mixed emotions about the flower because of your ex trying to get back to you. But, maybe you can look at the flower as “a beautiful life that is surviving and blooming in very adverse conditions.”

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  5. The weather sure is strange this year! Where I am, we would usually have experienced a few heatwaves by now and instead, we had thunderstorms instead. Well, I guess I’m happy it’s not too hot.

    Your photographs are gorgeous(: Thank you for sharing x I’ve never seen snow before so I always love photos of scenery with snow.

    Perhaps your ex will get the hint if you stop replying? Such situations are really hard and I agree with what moonskittles and joy say(: I either threw or returned what my ex gave me but I’m not too sure if he’ll take care of it if you ever return it. all the best xx

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