Poem: To a Woman Who Fell Off The Edge




I always wonder why?

You left your family that day?

Why you chose the rope.

And not another day on earth.


I wonder if I could’ve stopped you,

And told you the right words.

If you’d still be here today.

If I offered up my small wisdoms.


As you had given me yours.

But I didn’t phone you saying,

“It’s going to be okay.”

I let the moment pass by.


A few weeks later, you died.

Did you know you were my hero.

The person’s whose life,

I wanted to emulate.


Years have passed; I wonder if,

Words would’ve mattered.






18 thoughts on “Poem: To a Woman Who Fell Off The Edge”

  1. This is sad and sometimes I don’t think words matter at all (at least not in all cases). My cousin, at age thirty, took his own life. When he was discovered, a number of books on suicide were found next to his bed. On nearly every page, in each of the books, he had rationalized his decision to take his own life, regardless of what it would do to his family and friends. I also had a friend, when I was younger, who attempted suicide five times before succeeding. Unfortunately, no words can change the mind of someone who is determined to leave this world. Still, it does not mean that we should stop trying. Thank you for posting this.

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  2. I don’t know. I’ve known those who have given up their lives, though clearly not from inside out. And my example isn’t your experience. You might have known what to say. All we might be able to tell is that suicide is a choice and that there’s a fifty-fifty chance that the closing off of everything and everyone before the act is intentional or the result of actual life-treatment. Your writing here is as clear as it is poetic. Courageous, open work. Thanks.

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  3. My father took his life. And later my mother, who worked on a slower version of suicide…drug abuse, self inflicted harm and mental illness finally joined him. Your poem feels very personal to me. While I know that there is nothing I could do to stop either one of them (I tried…especially with my mom) I have determined that I will nurture and protect my own mental health and never be a burden to my own children. The madness stops with me. 🙂 Thank you for a lovely poem.

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    1. Thank you for sharing Kat. She was the person I looked up to from the time I was a little girl. Her parents are my Godparents whom I am close to. I wanted to be like her. Sometimes I still can’t believe she was so desperate to die, it hurts her parents so much still. And in a lesser way, myself. I’m sorry for your experiences, I’m glad you make the choice to live. Thanks for reading and your comments.

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  4. So sorry this happened. We all have things that occur and think back and wonder if doing something different, would have had a different outcome. So we live with the…what if. Some people can not be reacted no matter how hard you try.

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