A List Of My Greatest Desires At The Moment

  1. I would like to go to Banff, and spend some time walking in the town and enjoying being in the outdoors. Banff is a popular tourist spot and ski town in Alberta, Canada.
Banff Avenue
Banff Avenue http://www.tripadvisor.ca

2. I would like to finish scrapbooking a mini-album for a friend whose wedding was last year.

Scrapbooking http://www.instructionables.com

3. I would like to go some where warm for vacation. I’m thinking Mexico or Hawaii.

GMG- Beach Picture
http://www.galmeetsglam.com Muai

4. I would like to finish the first manuscript for my novel.

Mauscript Writing
Finished Manuscript http://www.profwritingacademy.com

5. I would like to sleep and wake up and feel completely energized and able to do anything I desire.

Sleeping Well http://www.dearallyg.com


Thanks to La Duchesse D’erat for the list writing prompt. The Duchess wrote that we should list:

” . . .things we feel like doing in 2016, things that really inspire us, make us smile, giggle. It’s not a resolutions list. No need to feel compelled to realize what you write down, but the simple fact of writing the list may blow some wind under your wings and help you accomplish something new . . .”


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Poem: To a Woman Who Fell Off The Edge




I always wonder why?

You left your family that day?

Why you chose the rope.

And not another day on earth.


I wonder if I could’ve stopped you,

And told you the right words.

If you’d still be here today.

If I offered up my small wisdoms.


As you had given me yours.

But I didn’t phone you saying,

“It’s going to be okay.”

I let the moment pass by.


A few weeks later, you died.

Did you know you were my hero.

The person’s whose life,

I wanted to emulate.


Years have passed; I wonder if,

Words would’ve mattered.






This is my story on the topic of compassion on http://www.hastywords.wordpress.com.


Written by: Amanda Eifert
Blogger at: MandiBelle16


When I was about four-years-old, my Mom, my brother Justin, and I, arrived home to our condo after errands my Mom had needed to run. We started to get out of our van when a woman approached my Mother. The woman desperately needed money so she could buy food and diapers for her small daughter.

My Mom would not give the woman money, because it was too difficult to tell at times, if a person needed the money for drugs or alcohol. But the woman must have needed food and diapers for her family badly, because she sat next to my Mom in the front of the van.

Mom drove the woman to Superstore to buy her groceries, diapers, and a few toiletries she needed. I remember walking up and down the aisles in Superstore with my Mom and this woman. The woman…

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3 Quotes To Live By

Feeling I need a writing break for as long as I can last. Just need to step back and evaluate where I’m heading for certain things. And have a bit more energy to do other things. I leave you with three quotes: