Sunday Photo Fiction: The Boss Who Froze

After a half-hour dozing in bed, Cara realized she had slept-in. She jumped into her shower then decided to style her hair into a messy bun. She slathered on face products, blended her foundation, and applied mascara. Cara was relieved a pinstripe dress and black cardigan greeted her when she opened her closet. She threw on a wool coat, warm scarf, and applied her lipstick. Cara zipped up her tall black boots and put on leather gloves.

The wind stung Cara’s face as she walked against it to her SUV, which had been warming up as she prepared for work. The storm was awful and Cara arrived at the office thankful she made it to work without incident. Only two cars were in the parking lot. She ran to the office main door and noticed a sign saying the office would be closed today. Cara wished someone had emailed her before she left home.

As Cara ran back to her car, she tripped over something solid. She glimpsed behind her only to see the frozen body of one of the founding Lawyers of the firm, Mr. Duncan. Cara screamed, arising lightening fast and getting into her SUV. She fumbled with her phone, dialing the police as tears blurred her vision.


Snowy Car
A Mixed Bag 2010 A Snowy Winter Day

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35 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Boss Who Froze”

  1. Oo, what a terrifying experience that would be! Here I was, being annoyed with her that she had gotten all dressed up for nothing, and then… eek.

    Boy, almost everyone saw that photo and thought “death,” didn’t they?

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    1. Haha. That would be kind of funny. No I’m not sure what happened to her boss whether he died of a heart attack or something like that or whether he was the victim of fowl play. Too little words to fill in the blanks. Thank so much for your comments.


    1. Thank you PJ. Yeah I think that would be awful. I remember some times waking up and throwing yourself together. I think when you are so concentrated on getting yourself ready, you miss other details — like your boss dead and frozen. Thanks for your comments

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  2. Wonderful story. She was definitely not having a good day! Then, her “day off” was turned into a nightmare. She probably thought about his frozen body all day and wondered what the police would find in their investigation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah. To tell you the truth I didn’t think that far ahead as to what happened to him. Could be hear attack could be fowl play. At least she has the rest of the day off. Thanks for your comments


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