4. How Was Last Night For You – That Evening and the Next Day

Chapter 4 of my Novel is edited. I don’t know how good of job I did today. I’m pretty tired. I was doing planning for the book most of the day. So here is chapter 4. The new thing about Chapter 4 is the part with Talise the Sea Witch. I had to introduce her. The chapters after this I have to start writing tomorrow. So, they’ll come slower after this post. Thanks to those of you who are reading or have read the first few Chapters of ‘How Was Last Night For You.’


Chapter 3 is here.

Chapter 4: That Evening and the Next Day

John carried and half stumbled as he brought Nina to his bedroom. He brought his body against his on the king size bed.  John kissed Nina’ s face — her cheeks, her eyelids, her lips, were spared no expense. He stroked her back and bottom. He slowly lifted her turquoise blouse from her body lifting it over her head and murmuring ” beautiful  . . .” He continued to kiss her and his hands roamed freely over Nina’s soft naked skin and her matching turquoise bra. John’s hand slid down Nina’s stomach and she moaned as he popped the button on her jeans. She felt feverish as he lazily moved the zipper of her jeans down.

John flicked open the back of Nina’s bra and slid her panties down. She worked on the buttons of his shirt and…

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