4. How Was Last Night For You – That Evening and the Next Day

Chapter 4 of my Novel is edited. I don’t know how good of job I did today. I’m pretty tired. I was doing planning for the book most of the day. So here is chapter 4. The new thing about Chapter 4 is the part with Talise the Sea Witch. I had to introduce her. The chapters after this I have to start writing tomorrow. So, they’ll come slower after this post. Thanks to those of you who are reading or have read the first few Chapters of ‘How Was Last Night For You.’


Chapter 3 is here.

Chapter 4: That Evening and the Next Day

John carried and half stumbled as he brought Nina to his bedroom. He brought his body against his on the king size bed.  John kissed Nina’ s face — her cheeks, her eyelids, her lips, were spared no expense. He stroked her back and bottom. He slowly lifted her turquoise blouse from her body lifting it over her head and murmuring ” beautiful  . . .” He continued to kiss her and his hands roamed freely over Nina’s soft naked skin and her matching turquoise bra. John’s hand slid down Nina’s stomach and she moaned as he popped the button on her jeans. She felt feverish as he lazily moved the zipper of her jeans down.

John flicked open the back of Nina’s bra and slid her panties down. She worked on the buttons of his shirt and…

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Echos of My Neighbourhood: The Bonnet


Amanda by J . Reeder
I’m one years old in this picture. Maybe, one and a half. I’m not sure. My Aunt J (my Godmother) used to have several bunnies. I remember in the summer she used to put their cages outside so they could enjoy the weather. I’m sure they had some treats from her lush garden. A carrot or piece of lettuce to munch. 

At some point, someone put a sticker on the photo. I don’t why they thought it was cute. I was a one-year-old. I wanted the bunny to come out of the cage. I wasn’t expecting something to happen which  I had to be ready for. I wanted my bottle. It took awhile for me to get over the bottle when I was young. I have always loved milk. I think finally at three-years-old my Mom said enough and cut me off. Then came a sippy cups.

I am wearing the bonnet. My Mom was always so careful about my pale skin. She says the bonnet did a great job of hiding me from the sun. To this day I hate any picture I see I’m wearing that white bonnet in. It made my chubby cheeks look enormous. I have always been concerned about my weight even when I was four or five. I guess my face looking fat in baby pictures bothers me because I don’t want to look fat in any my pictures, even then. 

My Aunt J gave me this photo and few more of my brothers and I when we were young. We visited my Godparents house often. They had a rusty old yellow swing set, a scooter, croque, and many other interesting things for children to do while they visited with my parents. This picture is thirty-years-old. It’s hard to believe such time has passed. I can’t believe I was ever a baby. I don’t remember it much. 


Thanks to Jacqueline of a Twisted Cooking Pot and Tales for her Thursday challenge to reveal a part of lives; our neighbourhoods at any point in time. 


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Poem: “A Sunny Place.”


 So many thoughts, my head is all full. I guess it’s important to go outside more and face the world.

When you’re lost in a pool of ideas, and typing as if you are machine connected to a program. You need to talk to friends and not worry.

But writers become lost in their stories. They develop a strange sort of relationship with their characters.

Other people’s opinions and ideas are fresh meat for the meal, a smorgasbord of aspects to consider.

You become lost in the imaginary. In planning your next move. Outside the sky is blue and it’s only minus two degrees Celsius. 

Go for a walk and see your neighbours out with pets. Go for a coffee, meet a friend, or eavesdrop on the conversations of perfect strangers. 

Get away from the online. Social media can be exhausting. Forget about your dear internet friends, and make a new friend whose real and has a life you can hear about and talk with them.

Forget about guys who treat you badly. And forget about all the subtext behind chatting or messaging. Trying to judge what’s real with a keyboard and screen. 

Remember people build their own profile and appear who they want to be. Better to meet a guy at a bar, sadly. Better to meet someone at the grocery store or while sipping tea. 

Better to get outside and be single. Forget pressure from your ex who still wants to be together. Forget pressure from guys who only want to get laid.

There is everything to write and not enough time in the day. There is all these feelings to feel, but are they real?

Everyday is a blank page and I fill it up until I’m exhausted. I’m trying to keep busy but I don’t know how it could be busier. 

I have dreams. I’m only trying to make them real. I can’t help that my dreams are in another world and my characters are in such a state–

I have to type more words and solve their problem. I have to plan more to reach the denouement. I have to write a good story that somehow pleases me and other people. 

I need to relax under a bright sunny sky. Sitting on a beach. I think it’s been years. I need to sit in the sun and read a paperback. I need to feel sand warm beneath my feet.

I need to find a happy medium. This pace is stressful and I’m always afraid of returning to darker days. I need to make  myself real. 

I don’t want to miss connections in the outside world.I need a healthy mix of alone time and vivid memories with my friends. I’d like to try something new.

Inspiration and energy amisdt a large crowd. A beer in my hand, no wait, I’m on a diet. So, a glass of Perrier and lime juice will do, soaking up conversations, sun, and new faces. 


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How was Last Night For You – A Fairy Tale Explanation

Hi all! I have done my editing and revamping on chapter 3 of “How Was Last Night For You.” This chapter is long but exciting. Eventually I’ll probably have to split it but for now it is how it is. I have one more chapter written up that I’m going to be editing ‘ Chapter 4.’ Then I am going to be writting up new chapters so they will be blogged to you at a slower pace then a few chapters a week. Probably, only one every week or two so I can keep up with the blog. Off to do more planning for the bookl. Have lots more to do for that and the upcoming chapters. Thanks.


Read here for Chapter 2.

John held Nina’s hand as he opened the door to his grand house. A white sparkling stone face on the outside of the house glittered in the sunlight. Nina walked into the entrance and she felt the slick expensive wood floors. She saw a large living area with comfortable grey couches that bounced when she pushed her hand against their solidness. The living room had light blue accents but was mostly masculine with its light grey furniture and dark charcoal walls. Nina spied two comfortable wing-backed chairs facing a slate fireplace. A thin TV glistened black over top of the mantel. It was a fitting piece for a single man’s domain.

A soft blue-grey sky through walls of windows was transparent over most of the living room and kitchen. Below she saw a well manicured backyard with a large patio and stone pathways. The windows inside…

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