Flash Fiction For the Aspiring Writer: ‘The Lady’s Breakast.’

On Whyte Avenue this eclectic bar opened up. The food is delicious and the bar is called: ‘The Lady’s Breakfast.’ It’s an interesting name for a pub. Inside you can see a lady riding a horse on an old painting.

Apparently, Felicia was the wife of an accomplished Military Commander. She was the height of fashion in France in her region for a few years.

A man named Edmond Township kidnapped Felicia. They fought terribly and he wouldn’t let her go. Felicia cried when Edmond admitted to her, her husband wouldn’t pay for her safe return.

 Felicia disappeared with Edmond to America. They travelled to Philadelphia and opened up a pub and inn. 

Felicia never understood why each morning, Edmond brought her breakfast in bed as if she were still a Lady. 

She didn’t realize it was out of love until one day he was gone and didn’t return for months. He had been left for dead by robbers and saved by a kindly couple. 

On the day, he arrived back, Felicia threw herself into his arms. She became his wife and inspiration for the owners at a pub called, ‘The Lady’s Breakfast.’


Etol Bagum
Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.

43 thoughts on “Flash Fiction For the Aspiring Writer: ‘The Lady’s Breakast.’”

  1. I love the name you chose, “The lady’s breakfast”. I can’t even imagine how Felicia must-have felt to hear her husband wouldn’t even pay to set her free. But it was good to see, it all worked out.

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  2. Its sad that her husband did not care enough about her to make sure she was released and safe, but wonderful that her kidnapper treated her so well that she fell in love with him. He did her a favor by getting her away from someone who really didn’t love or appreciate her. A very enjoyable story.

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    1. Yeah. I would think though if the painting is about from the 1800’s and she was a wealthy pretty young lady she would have been married off to some guy of high status who she didn’t really know or was attracted to. I didn’t have time to say this but she had been married a few years and she had trouble producing an heir. So the military guy was conveniently making it seem like she died by her kidnapper and he can a new younger wife to bear him kids.What a monster eh?


    1. Yeah, for sure. I’m pretty sure her kidnapper has been better to her then her husband ever was. She was a lady of wealth married off to someone she didn’t know or like. Plus, I couldn’t put this in because of length, the reason the Military Commander didn’t want her is because she wasn’t bearing him kids. He wanted a younger wife to do that. Thanks for reading.

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  3. I can hear the pub’s owners telling this story. I also liked your comment response of the Lady’s inability to have children. It seems like there wasn’t much going for her ‘first’ marriage anyway.

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