When She Dissappeared


I had a chihuahua-terrier named Spunky when I was a girl. My family spent hours walking the neighbourhood searching for Spunky when she snuck out at times. Until the day we didn’t find her. 

But an old homeless man, who was standing in the fiolage of Floaden park cried the day she came home to us months later.

He wondered where the dog he had befriended and fed went. He sighed as he lured another dog to his tent. The little black dog, he had liked had no meat on her anyway. She was no substantial supper. 


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.


25 thoughts on “When She Dissappeared”

  1. That is just so full of different emotions on the part of the homeless and your side. After I lost my dog Sheila from cancer, I just haven’t been able to bring myself to get another dog besides, we have been on the move a bit. Dogs make such lovely friends.

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    1. Yeah Spunky. The real spunky never got lost for months. She went to the pound once but we got her back right away. She was so friendly. Lived until 17 yrs. My last dog Nikki died about 2 yrs ago. Still miss her a lot and I haven’t got a new dog yet. It’s hard she was sick too. Sorry about Sheila. Maybe you will find a new dog friend soon 🙂 thanks

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    1. Oh that’s good they have the cats for company. It’s hard losing a dog. I lost my most recent and fav dog Nikki about 2 years ago now still think about her. Lucky Spunky never really got lost for months. She lived for 17 yrs. thanks for your comment.

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  2. Very emotional… It was sad when the dog was taken away from the homeless man that had her for months… Sad for the girl as well but that poor old man bonded with Sponky.😔


    1. The dog wasn’t taken away. She just left to back to her home. She was his friend for awhile but the weather got chiller and she wanted to go home where it was warm. The park was only a few block from her house. Thanks for reading

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  3. Oh no! The homeless man is having to eat dogs to survive! That is sad — for the homeless man and for the dogs! Sure glad Spunky didn’t become his snack! Great story Mandi – a shocker!


    1. Yeah I think he is chinese. It’s not a bad thing in many places in China to eat dogs. Lucky spunky was too skinny to get any meat off of her so she became a bit of a friend until she went home. Thanks


  4. And I thought the old homeless man was going to return spunky, turns out he was looking for his next dinner. I’m glad spunky escaped. And I’m sorry about your dog Mandi ❤️


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