Poem: Minute – These Days


There are days I cannot stop, I fly —

Hear me I sigh.

Look I’m so sore.

Wait for an encore.


There are waters I cannot swim,

Dip my toes in,

The water is fine.

So I dive in.


My body needs sleep and dreams

Funny how it seems,

I cannot win.

But each day I grin.


The New Year brings so much with it

Can’t catch a drift.

Need to write more

Until my soul soars.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.

When She Dissappeared


I had a chihuahua-terrier named Spunky when I was a girl. My family spent hours walking the neighbourhood searching for Spunky when she snuck out at times. Until the day we didn’t find her. 

But an old homeless man, who was standing in the fiolage of Floaden park cried the day she came home to us months later.

He wondered where the dog he had befriended and fed went. He sighed as he lured another dog to his tent. The little black dog, he had liked had no meat on her anyway. She was no substantial supper. 


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.