Poem: “Light.”

What creature fears the light? And who

Would hide from having light shone,

A breathtaking brightness blare,

In open air the light gives birth,

It chases out the shadows.

It won’t let darkness win, it takes,

Away the black and horrible.

It creates a lit room, your soul,

With a sword of truth,  blaring,

Light comes to darkness winning,

Chasing out the demons, and with —

Brave sound acclamations brings,

Forth the bearer of candles —

Such a little flame can break the dark.

What dare does evil do but run and —

Find the deepest darkest hole

It is the only place left to–

Simmer in sulphur and live in,

Flame of the eternal death,

But light is opening up —

The cracks and sneaking past black,

It seeks to bring a peaceful,

Glow that no evil can ever fool,

Light in the darkness built worlds, 

Our world, because in the start,

“There was the word and the word,

Was God, and the word, was with —

God. It was with him in the —

Begginning.” And light will always,

Defy, what is at heart deceitful,

Light is the strongest power I 

Know, and in a world where I

See Christmas lights glow, I am —

Reminded there is always light.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.


11 thoughts on “Poem: “Light.””

      1. It’s Jessie …named after my grandfather who passed away a few months before I was born. I was fortunate to have my grandmother around until after I was married and had children. She was wonderful, and I often wondered what my grandfather would have been like. This was on my mother’s side…never knew either of my father’s parents.

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  1. “Such a little flame can break the dark.” Great affirmation for those of us who think the light we make is small. Even though small builds. And from Christmas lights (and other things, I imagine), to be “Reminded there is always light.” More good words for hope and life. In a small town near me, there is a lake pretty much in the middle. Most would call it a large-ish pond. But on the center of the water at this time of year, a Christmas tree is placed and lit. I enjoy driving around the water late at night (as I did last night) when most everything in town is dark except the bright triangle of light set out upon the water. Its smallness is beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing and radiating your light!

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