Poem: Let us not Hate

It has been a problem throughout history, racial profiling; bigotry and hatred.

People make a certain “ethnicity” seem bad and immoral.But the reality is every ethnicity has some bad people.

And this doesn’t make everyone who looks like or is the same race as someone terrible bad.  You cannot judge a person on the status of their race.

We would have no ethnicities left if we hated a race everytime some of their community did something wrong.

And I’m begging you to look back on history and don’t make the same mistakes.

Hitler believed in the Arian race, he killed all the Jews in WWII, 6 million of them, how did the world let that happen?

Then German girls who had no choice but to sleep with Nazi officers were left to die, naked, their heads shaved in shame. Germany turned on it’s own people too.

And when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, we put them all in internment camps. As, if all Japanese in every country were responsible for their homeland leaders decision.

And what of Saddam Housein and all the people that were his own people, that he killed ruthlessly. The US provided him with weapons and he came back a ghost to haunt them.

And looking back to the American Civil War, the South would not give up it’s slaves. These African Americans had no rights. They were raped, worked until death, their d families torn apart, sold as if they weren’t people.

And it scares me that a man like Donald Trump would say the US should keep all Arabs out. The man is not a genius at the best of times, but the blind follow the blind.

When all people from Syria need help, because their country is turning on itself. When ISIS preaches death to all who are not them, can you blame people from getting the hell out.

When America needs to open it’s arms, we could have an intolerant ignorant pompeous man running the show. Someone please use small words and tell him all Arabs are not ISIS or terrorists.

We need to defend our countries against the issues that would destroy us. But we need to consider North America is a diverse place.

People did not travel here so they could be abused, cast aside, and be racially slurred. The actions of a few or many are never an entire people’s fault. We have choices, we are democracies.

Let us choose leaders who welcome diversity. And have a heart to help people. Those who live in our own lands and those who wish to be citizens.

Put yourself in another person’s place. If your home was destroyed, wouldn’t you want others to help you build a life, for you  and your children?

Let us not hate.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.

14 thoughts on “Poem: Let us not Hate”

  1. Great post Mandi! Donald Trump isn’t against Arabs or even Muslim’s per se, he is against the radical Muslims called ISIS and ISIL. Unfortunately, they come disguised as Muslims. These people have done so much unbelievable harm to the Muslim religion than anything the US can do. So, please blame the radicals for the stain on the Muslim religion and not the US.

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    1. I do not mean to blame the US. I do not like Donald Trump though. The thought of him as President is scary. He has said many things off the cuff and it is hard to know how to take them. Yes, I agree radical Muslims are responsible for a lot and this doesn’t make anybody but them responsible. Not the Muslim people or religion and not the USA.


      1. I understand what you mean about Trump. I can’t imagine him as President so I don’t know why his numbers are so high. I think the American people are just tired of lying “politicians.”


      2. Yeah forsure. I think in any country we are. I think Obama has done a good job. When I took US history my prof described America as an elephant. There are several reasons for this such as the fact that Canada is in the shadow of that elephant, that elephant keep us safe, and my favourite of that elephant rolls over (dies) we’ll be crushed. So, I hope you guys pick a good leader for your country and have choices outside of Trump.


      3. Obama hasn’t done a good job and the American people are more than ready to get him out of office. I hope we pick a good one too. It’s really sad the division between Liberals and Republicans. We all need to come together as one and choose wisely.

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      4. Oh I see. It is hard to tell when you don’t live in a place if the President is actually helping individuals. We just got a new Liberal guy but I voted conservative. Justin Trudeau got in though and has done well to start. Goodluck for next November


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