Writing 101 – Reflection – “Mirrors”

Your eyes are a reflection of your soul it is said; but if you’ve seen pitch black-brown eyes, you know they can be the kindest gentle eyes.

People used to be afraid of their reflection — much like our pets. The authorities thought using mirrors was vanity as the Puritans had no mirrors.  But I can think of many instances having a mirror would be handy.

It was thought that your left hand was evil, especially if you were left handed. Because the right hand mirrors the left, the left was to be watched.

People used to look at themselves in surfaces that shone and reflected a person’s image back. Glass has not been around so long so we used metals that when shiney gave a reflection.

When mirrors came about, they were put in every place you could think of. On the table, the wall, and on the ceiling. Where can you escape your reflection when it is always mirrored.

And when you do sit down and think, for some self – reflection, does your self reflect your heart or soul? Are you living the life you want to?

And with “selfies” and mirrored surfaces at every place we go. Does our appearance always measure up? Did we leave lipstick on our teeth? Or cut our face during shaving?

I think there’s a bit too much reflective surfaces if I may say so myself. I think we are a bit vain as we look at ourselves in every mirrored surface we can. Perhaps, if we reflected more on the inside our bodies would reflect something greater — something kind.


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24 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Reflection – “Mirrors””

  1. In some places, the left hand is still considered bad. Left-handed people, too, I guess. I say this being left-handed. I hadn’t considered the left hand as reflected in a mirror. There’s good teaching here as well as creative expression. Dorian Gray notwithstanding, it would be helpful to have reflected who we are inside, since that’s where the source of kindness lies, as you say. And while mirrors and reflective surfaces are helpful, we could do with fewer. They would give us something better for our preoccupation. Again, just as you say. Thank you!

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    1. Haha. I say this being someone who can’t help but look in mirrors when I pass. I did a proposal on the history of the dressing table or vanity. Glass or mirrors was a big part of that so I learned some interesting things researching for the proposal. And I suppose the left hand is always considered bad until recently — you know Jesus being at the right hand of the Father etc. I guess. My brother is left handed and so is my Uncle. In school my Uncle had his whacked every time he tried to write left handed. I know Arabs for instance will be offended if you shake with your left hand because it is unclean, you always shake with your right (so my father’s friend told me). Thanks for reading and your comments.


      1. You did your research well. Yes, apparently it’s still the Arab culture that feels negatively about the left hand. The Arabs I’ve met have been pretty well culturalized to North America, so with them I’ve never really thought about it. But if I ever go to the old country. No one whacked me (like your uncle) for being left-handed, but I really wasn’t taught anything left-handed either. So I do some things right-handed because that’s all the equipment was. But your study and work with mirrors sounds fascinating. Mirrors have had such meaning in lore and in experience. I appreciate what I’m learning about that from you. I’ll stop going on now (sorry) except to say I like the black-and-white photograph for your avatar. It’s a pose that has art, and I like b-and-w photography for the textures brought out in the work. Again, Thank you!

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  2. I love how you packed all these facts in there without making it sound like something out of a textbook. And I agree, maybe we have become a bit too preoccupied with appearances. Having said that, I check my reflection everywhere…

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  3. I think you are spot on! Funny how beliefs have evolved over the years…some good some not so good. I love your take on the prompt, causes one to stop and might I say it…reflect! 🙂

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      1. Haha. I cheated I was taking a course in history of Furnishing’s. For the course I did a proposal that centred around the dressing table or the vanity, and of course glass and mirrors figured into that and the idea of vanity itself. Thanks again.

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