Sunday Photo Fiction: Horse Kisses

It was taking my mixed junior high class two-hours to arrive at the Ranch for the Deaf. There was several different activities to do there that could be done by those deaf or not. The Pastor who greeted us signed his words as he spoke to us and shared a devotion.

We ate hot dogs and roasted them on metal sticks over a fire pit. My teacher took our junior high class on a walk through the wilderness. I wasn’t to happy about this. If you know me, you know I am mostly an indoors girl due to allergies to fungi, grass, trees, other molds, and pollen. I swallowed my Bendryl with regret as I knew how tired it would make me later on.

We made walking sticks out of smaller trees, peeling the bark off them and rowed a boat in a body of water on the ranch. We learned how to shoot riffles. I remember the bruises I had on my shoulder from the kick-back of the guns.

Lastly, there were the horses who followed us behind wire and wood fences as we walked. I stopped for a moment and laid my hand on the nose of pretty brown chestnut horse. She sniffed me then laid her head on my shoulder as I stroked her snout and scratched behind her ears.

She was beautiful and breathtaking. She followed me as we continued to walk. When I came close to her she hid her nose in my hair and gave a few wet kisses to my neck. I didn’t and still don’t know a lot about horses. But as I found with certain dogs, I realized horses know something about people. They are drawn to certain people for whatever reason they are. They see in people for their souls and they adore you without requiring anything but a nice scratch and perhaps a carrot. Their’s  is a love that gives without regret.

Thanks to  Alistair Forbes for hosting!


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14 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Horse Kisses”

  1. Good story….she was probably thinking the same thing…found someone who she could relate to and have the feeling of comfort and understanding. Horses are smarter than some people give them credit for. 🙂

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  2. Hi JS thanks for reading and commenting. You are right in this instance the narrator and the writer are the same person. I don’t know a lot about horses. I have one or two experiences with them and that is all. So it felt, most honest to write a story that is true since making up something about horses wouldn’t be authentic. Thanks


    1. Hi Susan. Thanks for the comment and reading my Flash Fiction. It’s a true story and the horse was very cute. I wanted to let you know that I had nominated you for an award the Liebester award a couple days ago but wasn’t able to comment on your blog. So if you look back a few blogs you can participate in that if you so wish. Usually I don’t do awards but I made an exception because I had nothing to do Saturday when I got it.

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