Poem: Spanx

It doesn’t matter the point in history you’re from;

Whether you wore corsets, girdles, or wear spanx.

Woman are always trying to look like they have a thinner waist;

Or, maybe men like them that way?

There’s no point in denying, we are killing our insides,

When we wear ‘shape wear’ day in and out;

To smooth all the bumps and curves,

To make are tummies flat and are thighs thin.

Thank you spanx for all you’ve done.

Your leggings and jeans hold everything in,

And when I choose to wear a dress,

It’s great that I can’t breathe or eat,

You have really set the bar high for what we should look like,

You’re just trying to make women perfect,

And suck the life out of our beauty standards.

When we suffer to be beautiful.

When we suffer to be thin.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.


10 thoughts on “Poem: Spanx”

  1. Such deep and lovely poem mandi… You got that right. The challenge among women today is whether or not we have the guts to cross the line of conformity and break the standards raised by our very own society.

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    1. You understand well. My biggest thing is I’m still going to wear spanx because I think I look better, when my body is smoothed out. I guess we have to get to the point where woman don’t think what I already think. Thanks for the comment


  2. Women are often times their own worst enemy! They are afraid to allow people to see them as they really are because they have such low self-esteem. Even though this poem has some humor to it, it also isn’t humorous because it is true!

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