Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers –  Child Like 

Caleb had been floating in a raft at sea for days. He thought he was dreaming when his raft washed up on a sandy beach. When he awoke, it was nighttime and he needed to drink water.

Caleb rose haphazardly to his knees and began to shuffle through the foliage. A purple glow grew brighter as he walked until it was almost blinding him. Looking up to the blackness of the star lit sky, he noticed that all around him were palm trees. They were massive and appeared to be lit with purple, white, and pink light.

Caleb walked until he was barely touching one of the lit trees. He slowly laid his hand onto one tree and the colours that lit the tree shot through his body. Caleb felt his aching bones healing, felt the ravages of the open sea disappearing from his gaunt form. He felt happy and full of laughter.

Caleb let go of the tree when children came running out of little palm leaf huts towards him. A little girl with curly hair touched his nose and laughed. Caleb looked at his hands, they were a small child’s hands. “I’m a child” he wondered.

“We’re all children. We are stuck at our best age in childhood. The year we loved the most,” the girl said.

Caleb joined a group of kids, playing red-rover. It was so much fun. The little girl with curls pretended to get caught at his arm and she grabbed his hand. “See” she started “we’re adults stuck in our kid bodies forever, were in a kind of Neverland. The trees have made us immortal children.” Caleb was disturbed by this but the price of immortality wasn’t apparent to him until much later in his life as a child.

Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting!


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.


32 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers –  Child Like ”

    1. Thanks. It’s a kind of Neverland, but I think if you can’t think if your an adult in a child’s body forever that might change things slightly l. Might make you wish you could finally grow up. Thanks for the comment.


      1. Lol they are beautiful. If you ever saw the movie Avatar, I kind of got a feeling for these purple things from the jungles and trees from that movie, or how I remember it lol. Thanks


    1. Thanks Deborah. Sort of it says that. The thing is that inside they are still adults but on the outside they are children. They know all the things they knew as an adult, they’ve experienced all these things as adults. It might be fun to be a child for awhile but eventually being an adult stuck in a kids body is not a good thing; especially when you are child forever.

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  1. The idea of being a child again sounds great….if it is a temporary thing. I wouldn’t want to grow up again…but knowing what I do now about various things would certainly be helpful! Fun story, Mandi! 🙂


      1. I have seen it, though I stopped watching shortly after that. (Not because I didn’t like it. I just fell behind and haven’t caught back up yet because I’m really slow at watching TV shows.) I can see the similarities.

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      2. Yeah that happens with shows, especially when you are probably busy doing other things in life or the show is on a different time as the seasons pass. I don’t think I meant my Neverland would be quite like the Neverland on there. I never thought about whether Caleb was good or evil. But I suppose given over thousands of years on earth he could turn that way or be tempted to be evil. Thanks again. Will read your story soon!

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  2. The thought of being an adult in a child’s body is an interesting one, Mandi. I like that Caleb begins to see the darker side of it at the end. It reminded me of the character of Claudia in Anne Rice’s ‘Interview with the Vampire’, who’s forever trapped in the body of a child. Good story. 🙂

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    1. I never thought of that book but how it was for Claudia in IwtV would be exactly how it might feel for Caleb as he grows older on the inside. If I remember correctly Claudia killed herself. She couldn’t manage being a little doll to Lestat and the other guy. Caleb or the other children don’t have this option, they can’t be killed. Thanks for reading and your comments.


  3. Very creative and adventurous. Quite enjoyable reading. I wonder what age I would be stuck at? We would be so much wiser and yet have the energy, imagination and fun of children again, how wonderful a thought!

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      1. True, but being a child is much more fun than being an adult, if we forget the child within us when we become adults!! Guess the moral is, don’t lose your inner child when you “grow up”! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

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