Poem: Grow

Growth is a strange thing to watch from a distance; to see your bestfriends when you were young, become ‘adult’adults.

To see the drinking binges slow to every now and then; to not order drinks with dinner because we’re trying to be healthy.

To see your friends not stuck anymore in someplace that was holding them back; to see them educate themselves for work and travel for training.

To see them couple up; to see couples years together break it off; to see some couples get married to people who actually complement them.

To see your friends have babies, one or two or three; to sit at a table where Mommy topics are debated; and staying healthy, eating fresh, organic, vegetables and meat is the score.

To have friends in high school and in university who have passed away; to wonder where they went. To hope that they went to heaven because you know no one is invincible to death. 

To have friends who suffer diseases : cancer, MS, and mental illness; depression is a common thing and so is anxiety, yet our awareness that we could have any disease at our age is covered by our blinders. 

To have had a job or two in actual grown-up jobs that pay salaries that pay the bills; that you can shop for your own food; take care of a pet; to save and move into a house. 

I watch you all growing and I’m proud that you’re grown. I just hope you keep growing and never ‘act’ old. Even though your responsible to your partner now.

 I watch from the distance and you don’t see it because I’m slower then you; but I am growing too.

I have to grow in a different way to find balance in my world. I need to grow in spirit and imagine what is possible. I pray to grow just as you do someday. 

15 thoughts on “Poem: Grow”

  1. Hello, Mandibelle! Thank you for the follow 😀
    I’ve followed you back and am looking forward to reading more.
    I’ve been thinking about growth and growing the past couple days, too. I wrote a little something about it. I love what you said… “growing in a different way to find balance in the world.” Indeed, it’s all about growing and finding balance, my dear 🙂

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  2. You show such good detail in observing the smaller and larger–all valuable–details in the lives of others. You reflect on all of this, because you see that how we live and how we choose to live makes such a difference. And all that perceiving work of yours takes time. Life takes time anyway, and movements of life go uniquely. I am thankful for what you say here and how you say it. Life moves well for you, even as you take good time to watch it.

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  3. This is a wonderful poem, Mandi. These are the things we may think about, but you don’t hear them spoken very often. The one thing that stands out to me is…” our awareness that we could have any disease at our age is covered by our blinders. ” This is so true, we have a tendency to think that it will not happen to us! Yet, we know it can happen to us and age is not a factor.

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    1. Thanks Lucky for reading and commenting! Dealing with my illness has shaped that thought but also my good friend who was diagnosed with Type 4 breast cancer at the age of 29. She is fighting it and her rumours are shrinking thank goodness. Thanks again.


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