Writing 101: Day 9 – Returning to Writing 

Prompt: To write or not write 

I’ll tell you a secret, I’ll tell you the truth. When I first became ill I could barely write, my hand shook like I had Parkinson’s Disease. But gradually I grew better at it until my own printing had flow and flourish again. My writing is somewhere between printing and handwriting. And yes, I still think kids should learn hand writing in school. Writing should be legible and neat and hand writing often helps with this. 

After, my printing I had to learn to read again. My brain knew how to read and I followed the words fine, but I could only read so slowly. I had to work up to a point where I could read a chapter or read for thirty minutes. Textbook type books and authors who chose to use words that were always complicated were difficult for me to read, even after I was able to handle your average fictional paperback and magazines. 

When those two skills had returned I knew I wanted to write again, the way I could write in university or even better. So, I began a blog and wrote for a magazine called Flurt. I was done with the magazine after a year and I began to take creative writing courses. I went through a grammar book to improve style and grammar in my writing. I took courses on WordPress multiple times. I took Writing 101, Writing 201, Blogging 101 and Blogging 201. I took courses on taking pictures a couple of times too. I got involved in Flash Fiction, I started writing a novel (still in progress), I did National Poetry Writing Month, and  I began writing my own fictional stories. I also began to share about my life and how mental illness affects me everyday, but I’m not defined by illness. I began to meet many other bloggers and to read, follow them, and comment on their work. You can learn so much from other writers. 

It’s hard for me to separate what I do besides writing from my writing. I took courses in Residential Design and those involved writing. I like going to TED talks Edmonton, when they are here. I love watching TED talks on the apple application for my phone and then I write about them. I watch YouTube videos. My favourite are by Pixiewoos who do makeup looks and tutorials. They are fantastic. I watch my favourite music videos on YouTube and I watch hair tutorials from http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com. She (Kate) is amazing and taught me how to style my hair. 

I go have supper, lunch, or coffee with friends. I go out for drinks some nights and on the weekend I enjoy a glass or two of wine. Malbec’s, Zinfandels, Cabernet-Sauvignons, and sweet white wines are my favourite. I can’t remember the sweet white wines because I forgot to take a picture of the labels with my phone.

 I clean up certain parts of the house; I spend way too much time doing my makeup; I visit family when I can; I read so much on my IPad; and I shop online and in stores depending on the product and my energy level; I try to eat healthy and do yoga and walk a little; and I write about my successes and failures with life. I always have access to my phone and in waiting rooms and waiting for appointments I write. But, I’m technically away for a couple of days writing a paper. So talk to you later and see below: 

1.While, I’m working please leave in the comments any blog prompts or ideas you would like to see or can think of. 

2. If you would be interested in some type of collaboration, a guest post or something like that, also leave a note.