Six Word Stories: November 10, 2015

  1. Your lips are soft pale petals.
  2. You drink frustration in your whiskey.
  3. Words are nice, but action bigger.
  4. Words are friends, but also enemies.
  5. We try to move on — lost.
  6. Some men are beautiful, some magnetic.
  7. Women are shamed to be skinny.
  8. If you’re you; you are perfect.
  9. Better show then tell too much.
  10. Power is woman in graceful form.
  11. She had many dreams, buried within.
  12. Dogs sleep beside you, then ontop.
  13. The world is full of lies — truth.
  14. Beyond the wardrobe, lies more coats.
  15. We are addicted to sugar; sweetness.
  16. Sugar feeds cancer; not a lie.
  17. The strong keep going, don’t stop.
  18. She mirrored me, I saw myself.
  19. The lamp guides, only footsteps matter
  20. Alone is lonely, sometimes it’s better.
  21. He didn’t matter; she moved on.
  22. We all take leaps, leaps hurt.
  23. I fell in mid-air, jumping stairs.
  24. Tiny pieces of truth; slivers painful.
  25. The air is thin, breath shallow.

12 thoughts on “Six Word Stories: November 10, 2015”

    1. You practice it. Something that helped me a lot and I still have trouble with are Flash Fiction challenges. You get a picture prompt and depending on the challenge you get 150-200 words to write a story in. I started doing the 6 word story just recently. A blogger I get emails from does a lot of six word stories so that’s how I started. You can do it, I know you can.

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  1. I enjoy the poetic crafting you accomplish here. Six-word stories seem to work creatively for you. Some are meaningful paradox, as life often is. Act more than speak. We jump (take chances) and mid-air lose out way. Alone is lonely but sometimes better. As a reader, I simply like the phrase “soft pale petals.” And I admire “Power is woman in graceful form.” Words to live by. Thanks! And take care, “For the air is thin, . . .”

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