Sunday Photo Fiction: A Tidy Yard

I’m playing in the leaves with my two nieces in their front yard. They have this enormous tree with leaves that turn to bright orange and yellow in the Fall. My brother-in-law Mike hates raking them up. But there is something to be said about keeping a tidy yard. Nothing can hide beneath leaves that are put in bags. 

 I was staying at my sisters for the foreseeable future. But I kept a different schedule then her family did and I often came home late at night.

One night I was a little tipsy and tripped over a pile of leaves. I got up and looked down to see a body half covered in leaves. A boot and leg in jeans was sticking out. The man’s chest was covered in blood, leaves clung to the wetness. I screamed and ran inside. I had myself convinced I was imagining things. 

I stumbled back into the house, tears in my eyes. Mike was in the kitchen eating a snack. “What’s wrong Carrie? You look like you’ve seen a ghost?”

“There’s a body, there’s…a man out in the yard under the leaves. He was starring at me and he was dead.” Mike grinned.

“Awe, Carrie you’ve just been drinking, you’re hallucinating. We’ll go check together and see if there’s a body out there. Will that make you feel better?” I nodded, wiping up the tears of panic leaking from my eyes with my hand.

Mike and I went out to observe the state of the leaves under the tree in the yard. The night was black and ominous all around me. I don’t know what I was expecting, but when we got outside, there was indeed a deadman there and next to him a woman. She had a hole point blank in her forehead, and her skin was waxy. 

I turned to Mike and we looked at each other. My heart was beating outside of my chest I was so anxious. Suddenly, Mike sneered and grabbed my shoulder, hiding us under the tree. 

“Carrie you’re too curious, now I’ll only have three bodies to dispose of.” My mouth gaped open. I was sweating, I was so scared. “Yes, you’re the third.” Mike said his eyes grey and distant. Then, he raised the gun to my head. I could only think of my nieces and playing with them under that same tree. Yes, there was something to be said about keeping a tidy yard. Especially when falling leaves were used to hide bodies. 

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting!