Poem: Midnight 

What do you write at midnight? You write a midnight poem. When the spirits of the dead arise and tell a haunted tale with their moans.

What do you do at midnight? You stay inside, try to sleep. But the moon is blood red and it’s dripping from the sky. Crimson drops on a wandering person, out when he should be home.

What do you say at midnight? You say “I cannot sleep. For nightmares abound and the images of goriness, I can’t get them out my mind.”

What do you play at midnight? Well, it’s almost Halloween. Put on your costumes, scare the hell out of a stranger. Let the spirits howl in their graves, gather your candy and run away.

Whom do you seek at midnight? I seek the siren’s singing. A voice as compelling as fine chocolate absorbed by your tongue. A voice of creamy dark delight ensnares a fool who dares to taste the musical sound. 

What do write at midnight? Of strange happenings and wild youth under the blood moon. Full moons change people, it lets the monster come out. Be careful who you play tonight, your act could be cut out. 

What do you yearn for at midnight? I yearn for an evenings walk. To promenade on the   shrouded dark street and let loose the demon inside; at night she can arise to join the shadows until she finds daylight. 


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – A Glass of Poison

Merida watched from a distance as her cousin and bestfriend Meredith was encircled by people at the summer party she was throwing. An almost full moon shone eerily upon the tables and decorations. 

Meredith found Merida with her eyes and motioned with elaborate hand gestures for Merida to come join the circle, much of which was filled by men enraptured by Meredith’s vivacity. But Meredith was married and cared only for one man, her husband, Kieran. 

Merida was pretty, but she felt as if she were some cheap wine next to some expensive Cabernet – Sauvignon that was Meredith. Despite the fact that Meredith tried earnestly to introduce her friend Merida to some handsome and often, wealthy men, Merida never liked any of them.

As the night wore on Meradith and Merida found themselves talking about some good times they’d experienced together at a small table. Kieran found them, bringing his wife wine, and began telling funny stories.  He drank in Meredith with his amorous eyes as he talked, mostly ignoring Merida. 

Suddenly, Meredith collapsed on the table, dead still, after tossing back her wine. Merida secretly gave Kieran, her innocent accomplice, a sinister smile. Merida had loved Kieran once. It seemed fitting that he brought Meredith, his wife, the drink that would kill her. 

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