Poem: Spaces

I find God in the spaces we leave inbetween,

In the impact of a heart beating,

In a walk to the bus, while the leaves are gently streaming

I find Him in versus of poets long ago — in Tennyson and Donne.

And even poets who never liked Him.

I find God in the people who do kind things,

Just to be kind, not because they want a favour.

And I find Him in a leather book, that “in the beginning was the Word,”

A disciple John once wrote.

And I find him in a strangers wonder, a pivotal question, that needs answering. 

And I find Him in a past that’s frought with pain, and suffering, and time lost.

I find him every Christmas in a stable, while wiseman followed a star.

I find him in a memory of a pet who helped me through rough times.

I find him in the pain of a moment, because I know He experienced suffering too.

And I find Him as a friend battles cancer, and she is the one doing the uplifting.

I find God, when I’m so frustrated I cry, because then I can see clearly. 

I find Him in a the wiseness of the elderly, a great – grandmother who said “stop worrying.”

I find God in the moments of silence, when everything is still, and I can only be still.

God is in front of you, but he’s also in those tight spaces, 

Where you’d never even think to look.

He is there, and He is just waiting, because time is nothing to Him.

He waits and He acts in every place.


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