Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Just Pretend

Tara, Jane, and I,  live in a sorority house by the lake. We all go to university near it. When the three of us first wanted into the Beta sorority house, we were froshed and taken in a boat out into the lake at night and we were pushed into the water. We had to swim back to shore in the dark.

” Kayla,” Tara remarked to me one day ” I can’t live like this, I feel so guilty.”

” There were twelve pledges that night we were pushed out into the water and only nine came back. I think they drowned.” Jane said agreeing with Tara.

” Drowned,” I muttered thoughtfully, ” I’m sure they made it back, just later than the rest of us.”

Tara looked at me nervously, “what do you think the sorority heads would do to us if we told?”

“I’m not sure,” Jane mumbled “but I don’t think we’d survive it.”

” Just pretend” I said ” if we say the girls made it back to land safely then it’s true, and we don’t have to think about it anymore.”

” Just pretend.” Jane and Tara said in unison. It was agreed.

Word Count: 185 words


Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting!