Poem: Woman

What is a woman to you?

Have we really got girl power?

Do you care for her and cherish her?

Or do you slap her ass when she walks by in hopes that you can nail her?

What is a woman to you?

Is she safe enough to voice her opinion?

Or is she to emotional, overthinking the situation  ?

Maybe there is more to her then what you see on the outside?

What is a woman to you?

Just a receptionist, an assistant, — if she wants — but what if she wants more?

Do you hoot and holler at her in high heels and shorts?

Do you make her feel awkward and that it’s her fault that you don’t have manners? 

Maybe you could get to know her and really care about her?

Maybe you could give her your time, that’s what she wants the most.

Maybe you can make her worth more then her body or a pretty face?

Maybe you could see her heart, and see that she beats blood just like you? 

What is a woman to you?

She is worth infinite value, that you cannot measure, until she is lost to you.