Literary Lion: The Fall of Uriel Uriel
Uriel peered down from where he flapped bold strong wings with midnight feathers. He was curious about God’s new creations, these people. Even though Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate from the forbidden tree of knowledge God still wanted to save their race. 

But it was not the same for the angels who had risen against God before and tried to seize power. Lucifer and all his minions had fallen into Hell where they suffered on lakes of sulphur and lived in pandemonium, and abandonment. Uriel didn’t understand who would go against God, that was madness and betrayal.

But one night Uriel saw a beautiful woman walking in the moonlight on earth. Her eyes were a deep troubled blue and her hair a cascading wave of golden blond. Her skin was tanned from working in the sun. She had luscious curves to her body and Uriel could not see what was so sinful about her. He watched her as she walked, falling into lust and love. She was beautiful and fascinating to Uriel. 

He knew then that he had broken the rules. He had let romantic love and desire poison him and he had reneged on his orders to protect and cherish the humans in a fatherly way. He thought he would fall to Hell right then and there.

Uriel gasped as flight which he once found so easy became useless, as the feathers began to scatter from his wings. They fell like black snow and he tumbled, rolled, and dived, trying to stay in flight but finding it impossible. Finally, he was falling so fast and far that he couldn’t do anything. He felt the pain of his wings being split from his body as he hit the ground hard.

When he arose he found that he had not landed in Hell but on earth. Uriel had two slashes where his wings had once been on his back, giant raised white scars. He had no superior strength or other angel powers; he had become human and all the suffering and confusion that it was to be human assaulted him. As he began to walk on fragile legs he came across the beautiful woman he had been admiring. She looked at him curiously, but not without interest. He would have to charm her he thought, for he wanted this beautiful woman to become his own, to share this trial with.

But another side of him mourned heaven and his beloved wings; he had broken his bond to serve the Lord. He would gladly serve him on earth now. But as he looked at the lovely woman staring up at him shyly he knew it was worth the fall. Or perhaps, the fall had been God’s gift. 

Thanks to I Smith Words for the prompt fall.


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