Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers: Don’t Go There

Mackenzie was in a little souvenir shop in Calgary, Alberta looking at postcards for her family. She needed one that reflected her time spent in Calgary at a ranch where horses were bred and raised. Mackenzie had arrived at the ranch to write and do research for a book she was writing but had ended up working hard instead on the ranch. She had even become a decent horse woman.

As Mackenzie looked at postcards in the souvenir shop, one caught her attention showing a mean looking cowboy staring at horses. She was revolted by the anger she saw on this man’s face on the postcard. It brought Mackenzie back to the only other time she had been on a ranch when she was about sixteen.

A cowboy had helped her off the horse she was riding and grabbing Mackenzie by the hand, had forced her back behind the barn to pile of hay and ripping her t-shirt and pulling down her jeans had had . . . She couldn’t go there. She put back the postcard like it burned her and decided she would just send emails.

Word Count: 185 words


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