Sunday Photo Fiction: Part 6 – Green with Jealousy.

Part 5: The Exchange

I can still hear and see what I saw and overheard outside Jax’s office. The moaning and screaming, the exotic girl he lay on top of. It’s been a week since I saw that and all I can think is that I should have known.

I’m extremely angry with Jax, green with jealousy that he would sleep with that whore. This slime green jealousy is taking over my mind. But what Jax doesn’t know is that I know exactly where the ransom he had me steal from Graham is. It’s in his safe, and I know the code. Idiot should have put it an account in the Cayman Islands immediately.

I have my trust fund but I can’t use that now while I’m in the papers as Jax’s accomplice. I miss Graham, I can’t go back to him. I’m too ashamed. I have become something dark and am no longer the girl who danced freely with him on the Everett’s yacht.

So, it’s simple, Jax never sees it coming. One day he is out, and I open up the safe take the ten million out and put it in a different bag. Fill his bag with newspaper. I act like I’m going to work out and I leave. I leave and I never look back. I’m on a beach in the Caribbean and I’m no longer anybody’s girl. I’m just Allie, and I’m all alone sipping a Corona with a green lime.


green stone

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting!