Literary Lion: Limerick – Landslide


I sat down to write about a limerick last week and I wasn`t sure what kind of story I could tell that would involve a limerick. The limerick I came up with wasn`t cheeky or funny like limericks are supposed to be. The limerick is just about making it through life. I was having a terrible time last week. Just certain things in my life were conflicting and nothing seemed to be going my way. My limerick is just about making it through those bad times in life, being tough, and that eventually something will give and life will, after a catastrophe, go back to being manageable. I think a `landslide` is like when all doors close and you don`t see the window open on the otherside. It“s when you`ve hit rock bottom. It`s when you`re in the eye of the storm. But then after the storm comes the quiet and the peace and you`re stronger for having survived something awful.

Rhyme Scheme: aabba

a – 7-10 syllables

b – 5-7 syllables


Everybody has a season to make,

To blow past life, to reason, to fake.

That life is nothing but a game.

And we play it to our shame.

That we are never within reason, we ache.

And we toughen ourselves inside and see,

Life is not meant to hide, not for you or me.

Only to live within the space that,

We quickly feel our lives at.

Take heart, tragedy — a landslide, sets us

— free to breathe.
Thanks to I Smith Words for the Prompt limerick.


Poem:This Night

A dream in the night, a touch of delight;

As fireworks crash and bang, in the sky above our heads.

A beer in your hand, a cooler in mine.

Of all the dreams I had, the best of them was you. 

And heaven seems so far away, but you bring me closer to it.

I don’t mean to need you, I am able to survive on my own. 

But you and I, together we’re Titanium.

And when I cannot sleep at night,

You whisper the words from the book of old,

Be still, be still, be still and know that I’m with you.

The sky is alive with flashes of color, and we lie back on this cozy blanket on the grass.

I am complete and relieved for a moment, I am no longer a puzzle piece.

We are each other’s missing link, and I stare up at the sky and cry.

Blessed to be alive in this moment of all moments, this split second in time.