Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Just Pretend

Tara, Jane, and I,  live in a sorority house by the lake. We all go to university near it. When the three of us first wanted into the Beta sorority house, we were froshed and taken in a boat out into the lake at night and we were pushed into the water. We had to swim back to shore in the dark.

” Kayla,” Tara remarked to me one day ” I can’t live like this, I feel so guilty.”

” There were twelve pledges that night we were pushed out into the water and only nine came back. I think they drowned.” Jane said agreeing with Tara.

” Drowned,” I muttered thoughtfully, ” I’m sure they made it back, just later than the rest of us.”

Tara looked at me nervously, “what do you think the sorority heads would do to us if we told?”

“I’m not sure,” Jane mumbled “but I don’t think we’d survive it.”

” Just pretend” I said ” if we say the girls made it back to land safely then it’s true, and we don’t have to think about it anymore.”

” Just pretend.” Jane and Tara said in unison. It was agreed.

Word Count: 185 words


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Sunday Photo Fiction: Chasing Cars

Ava felt the ground hard and unforgiving at her back. Her arm throbbed she could see it was at an odd angle. Ava heard music:

If I lay here, If I just lay here. Would you lie with me and just forget the world.

She moved her head painfully to the side and Ava could taste the blood running down her face.

Forget what we’re told. Before we get to old. Show me a garden that’s bursting into life.

To the side Ava saw Dallas dazed, with blood running from a gash in his head. His left arm was stretched out to her bent right arm. He was stroking her arm absently but she could see he was fading fast.

Let’s waste time chasing cars around our heads. I need your grace to remind me to find my own. 

She was thinking about the light fading from Dallas’ hazel eyes when she saw how crushed their car was. Somehow they were outside it. Then she felt her eyes drift closed. She could hear the music getting louder.

If I lay here, if I just laid here. Would you lie with me and just forget the world. 

Then there was silence. 

Chasing Cars -Snow Patrol

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Poem: Woman

What is a woman to you?

Have we really got girl power?

Do you care for her and cherish her?

Or do you slap her ass when she walks by in hopes that you can nail her?

What is a woman to you?

Is she safe enough to voice her opinion?

Or is she to emotional, overthinking the situation  ?

Maybe there is more to her then what you see on the outside?

What is a woman to you?

Just a receptionist, an assistant, — if she wants — but what if she wants more?

Do you hoot and holler at her in high heels and shorts?

Do you make her feel awkward and that it’s her fault that you don’t have manners? 

Maybe you could get to know her and really care about her?

Maybe you could give her your time, that’s what she wants the most.

Maybe you can make her worth more then her body or a pretty face?

Maybe you could see her heart, and see that she beats blood just like you? 

What is a woman to you?

She is worth infinite value, that you cannot measure, until she is lost to you. 

Poem: Murder

How to get away with murder? 

Say, you never did it.

Have an alibi and blame another person.

Put yourself, somewhere else at the time of the crime.

Lie. Everybody does it, lie through your teeth.

Get rid of all the evidence. Use gloves, no finger prints,

Don’t think about the victim, your in darkness now.

Hide the body in a lake. Or burn it all to ashes. 

You must be desperate and hide a motive, morality doesn’t understand.

How to get away with murder?

You may not and judgement is not yours to make,

You will go into hiding until your conscience betrays you. 

You’ll never get away with murder.

Either you’ll get caught or punish yourself.

Poem: Magic

If I could tell my dreams to you,

Would you think my view is skewed?

That I live inside of fairytales and Magic,

And  think that my life in view pales.

You might see the truth in me a little.

But you would miss the bigger picture.

I see my life as a place to help others,

But I haven’t found that I’m a people lover.

Sometimes I become annoyed and need my own space but wish,

That I could see some progress with time, that it be easy to talk excitedly,

That I could be a people lover too and be at ease.

That this is my life and this where I’m meant to be.

Not lost in this mess, this vehicle of regrets,

And find a way to help you and I, find a way,

But magic is lost in a world that doubts it’s existence. 

I have a wand, a will, and sometimes a way.

But I don’t always believe, and that’s the thing with magic,

It only works if you believe it does. 

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: My Nana

There she stands and paints acrylic in a lush garden of foliage and flowers. The sun is high in the bright blue sky and all kinds of flowers lean into the light. She’s my Nana and I’ve watched her paint in her garden since I was a child. Now I am twenty-five and I see more than my lovely perfect Nana painting. I have listened to her stories.

She survived concentration camps in Poland when she was only a baby. She lost two children in a fire. Once, she came to Canada she was poor and worked as seamstress washing clothes and doing mending for women of means. She became depressed after six of her ten children were born. She has battled cancer twice. She is in her eighty’s now. But still she paints with vigor and passion. She had a hard life from early on but she has made it through it.

Now, as I cut my arm again with a careful slice, blood wells, and I wonder if I will make it to my Nana’s age.

Word Count: 179 words


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Sunday Photo Fiction: Wonderland 

Alicia Baker was going for her regular Sunday morning run into the river valley when she came upon a large white rabbit sitting still. The rabbit turned to look at her and stared at Alicia as he wiggled his nose. It was then she noticed a pocket watch clipped to his fur and if she was really honest, Alicia would tell you she thought the rabbit was inclining his head at her as if he wanted her to follow him. But Alicia would never admit to such imaginary notions. 

She picked up speed in her Lululemon running pants and top and started to run away from the rabbit. All was well until she stumbled onto a large hole in the ground. She stood at the prepice of the hole when that strange white rabbit with his pocket watch stood up and pushed her in the hole. 

Memories assaulted Alicia as she fell forever ending up in a familiar place she couldn’t quite identify. She saw the white rabbit again and angrily cried, “Wait.” But the rabbit kept pace ahead of her and as she followed it she heard a dreaded voice, a voice she hoped to never hear again. 

” Whose been painting my roses red?” 

Alicia now fully aware where she had fallen to, imagined roasting a rabbit over a spit. She ran her hands through her blond hair in frustration and remembering it was her unbirthday stomped off in search of a Mad Hatter, in need of cakes and tea. She’d done it again, she’d fallen into Wonderland.

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting Sunday Photo Fiction. 

Literary Lion: The Fall of Uriel

www.media.photobucket.com Uriel
Uriel peered down from where he flapped bold strong wings with midnight feathers. He was curious about God’s new creations, these people. Even though Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate from the forbidden tree of knowledge God still wanted to save their race. 

But it was not the same for the angels who had risen against God before and tried to seize power. Lucifer and all his minions had fallen into Hell where they suffered on lakes of sulphur and lived in pandemonium, and abandonment. Uriel didn’t understand who would go against God, that was madness and betrayal.

But one night Uriel saw a beautiful woman walking in the moonlight on earth. Her eyes were a deep troubled blue and her hair a cascading wave of golden blond. Her skin was tanned from working in the sun. She had luscious curves to her body and Uriel could not see what was so sinful about her. He watched her as she walked, falling into lust and love. She was beautiful and fascinating to Uriel. 

He knew then that he had broken the rules. He had let romantic love and desire poison him and he had reneged on his orders to protect and cherish the humans in a fatherly way. He thought he would fall to Hell right then and there.

Uriel gasped as flight which he once found so easy became useless, as the feathers began to scatter from his wings. They fell like black snow and he tumbled, rolled, and dived, trying to stay in flight but finding it impossible. Finally, he was falling so fast and far that he couldn’t do anything. He felt the pain of his wings being split from his body as he hit the ground hard.

When he arose he found that he had not landed in Hell but on earth. Uriel had two slashes where his wings had once been on his back, giant raised white scars. He had no superior strength or other angel powers; he had become human and all the suffering and confusion that it was to be human assaulted him. As he began to walk on fragile legs he came across the beautiful woman he had been admiring. She looked at him curiously, but not without interest. He would have to charm her he thought, for he wanted this beautiful woman to become his own, to share this trial with.

But another side of him mourned heaven and his beloved wings; he had broken his bond to serve the Lord. He would gladly serve him on earth now. But as he looked at the lovely woman staring up at him shyly he knew it was worth the fall. Or perhaps, the fall had been God’s gift. 

Thanks to I Smith Words for the prompt fall.

Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers: Don’t Go There

Mackenzie was in a little souvenir shop in Calgary, Alberta looking at postcards for her family. She needed one that reflected her time spent in Calgary at a ranch where horses were bred and raised. Mackenzie had arrived at the ranch to write and do research for a book she was writing but had ended up working hard instead on the ranch. She had even become a decent horse woman.

As Mackenzie looked at postcards in the souvenir shop, one caught her attention showing a mean looking cowboy staring at horses. She was revolted by the anger she saw on this man’s face on the postcard. It brought Mackenzie back to the only other time she had been on a ranch when she was about sixteen.

A cowboy had helped her off the horse she was riding and grabbing Mackenzie by the hand, had forced her back behind the barn to pile of hay and ripping her t-shirt and pulling down her jeans had had . . . She couldn’t go there. She put back the postcard like it burned her and decided she would just send emails.

Word Count: 185 words


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Fall Beauty Haul 2015

There are two stores I absolutely go bonkers in and just feel overwhelmed with wanting. The first is the Lindt Chocolate store in South Edmonton Common; surrounded by delicious chocolate, how dangerous! The second store I feel this way in is Sephora. I walk into a Sephora store and am just hit by this huge urge and need to buy makeup. Luckily,  I have a limited budget and know I only need so much makeup. I don’t like wasting makeup I have bought by not using it so I only buy makeup I know I am going to use, especially higher end makeup. The past little while I have bought somethings that have become permanent staples in my makeup routine and here they are:


1. Make Up For Ever – Mat Velvet Matifying Foundation (Oil Free) – $44.00 – http://www.sephora.ca – I have been playing the ‘find the perfect foundation game’ for over two- years since I have stopped using Clinique foundations because I find that they only last a few hours. I thought I had found my one foundation, Skin Foundation by Bobbi Brown, but for $54.00 I used the foundation up so fast (just in a month and a bit) and my skin was still a tad oily at the end of the day. But a makeup artist at Sephora introduced me to Mat Velvet Foundation by Make Up For Ever. I am thrilled with this foundation. Not only is it the exact perfect shade for my skin tone but it lasts three months and is ten dollars less than the  Bobbi Brown foundation I used before. I don’t break out with this foundation because it keeps my skin mat and at the end of the day the foundation stays on my face, it does not rub off. This foundation is even water-resistant. A warning about this foundation, I caution you to only use a little squirt of this foundation because it spreads and covers your skin very well. So, if you are use to having to put a lot of foundation on your brush/hand/sponge, be prepared to be more frugal when you squirt some Mat Velvet out of the container. I love this foundation and it has become my staple foundation.

2. Make Up For Ever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream – $37.00 –



I actually have had some good concealers. I like the creamy concealer by NARS and I did like the two-step Bobbi Brown Concealer where you concealed and then put powder over your blemish, but just as the foundation the Bobbi Brown concealer didn’t last long. Extreme Camouflage by Make Up Forever performs  awesome and lasts a long time. It comes in a 15 mL tube and it’s been four months and although I’ve started a new foundation, I haven’t had to  start a new concealer. Two-thirds of my first tube of Camouflage is still in the squeeze tube. Again with the concealer, a little goes a long way. It is great at covering up dark circles under eyes, fixing cat eye mistakes, and covering blemishes. The key to covering blemishes is to dab on the concealer not swipe it. I think you receive a lot of value from this Camouflage tube because of the fact that it lasts so long. Not to mention just as the foundation it has a Mat finish and is oil-free and waterproof. It is another product I have added to my daily use for makeup.


3. Two Face Candlelight Glow Highlighting Duo – $38.00 – http://www.sephora.ca – Candlelight Glow uses “photolite” technology which “diffuses harsh light” and gives your skin “a youthful lumonisty.” I ran out highlighter in a face contouring kit I had gotten this summer from Tarte. I think I did a blog on it, I don’t remember. But anyways, I bleached my hair so it was really blond and then I found that the contouring bronze color was just too dark for me so I started just using the highlighter to get a  fantastic glow. I love this Two Face highlighter. It’s half pink and half glimmering goldy-white and mostly I just find I mix the colors together but sometimes I need a little more pink on my cheeks so I use the pink there. Mostly, Two Face HIghlighter is just a super powder highlighter and lasts for a long time because you don’t need to use it everywhere. Plus, I love that Two Face Makeup has no parabens and all those other unnatural ingredients found in a lot of makeup. I also believe they are cruelty free, but don’t quote me on that I’m not sure. If you know if they are, let me know.

4. DiorShow Black Out Waterproof Mascara Spectacular Volume Intense Black –


$34.00 – http://www.sephora.ca – I usually use L’Oreal Volumizing mascara because most of the time, I have found that it is a better waterproof mascara then a more expensive mascara. I keep getting disappointed by higher-end mascaras but I guess I haven’t learned my lesson because I decided to splurge on Dior Show Blackout Water Proof Mascara. I have never tried any Dior makeuop before so I was excited. Blackout mascara definitely gives your lashes volume and is an extremely rich and creamy product. It has a wonderful big fluffy brush so it gets every eyelash; the brush made me very happy at first because I hate those little mascara brushes; they are so useless. But my one complaint is that although Dior claims Blackout doesn’t smudge, it always smudges on me. Maybe, it’s because I have oiler skin, even around my eyes. I put Blackout on my eyelashes which are long but not super long and I immediately end up performing a clean up job around my eye to get all the little specs of mascara that are around my eye removed with a Q-tip and the specs often smudge. You have to do this process quickly because once Blackout dries it stays on your lashes or skin and doesn’t come off. Even using makeup remover, makeup remover wipes, and  sometimes both, I am still left with raccoon eyes in the morning because the Blackout mascara doesn’t come off. It looks beautiful when it’s on your eyes and makes your lashes look so thick and long. It’s especially a good mascara at night when you want to make your eyes stand out as a feature on your face. But keeping it off your lower and upper eye areas and removing it at the end of the day is pesky and impossible. So, I think I will go back to L’Oreal volumizing mascara, it is much less work then this mascara. But if I went out more then I do, I might keep a tube of Blackout just for when I was hitting the town for dinner, a show, or the bar. Otherwise, it’s too expensive for a mascara that is high maintenance.


5. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion Long Lasting Eye Shadow  Base – $24.00 – http://www.sephora.ca – This is a long-standing-product many women use. It is the perfect cream potion to put under your eyeshadow so it stays on and doesn’t crease or fade. The original primer potion (the one pictured here) is nice because it is nude and you can put any eye shadow on top of that and it won’t show through and makes your eyeshadow stay put. But I also love it in the color Eden, because then you get a gold glimmer underneath your eyeshadow which shows through some eyeshadows. Edan is a nice primer to use alone as well, just to leave a gold sheen on your eyelids. There are a couple other primers too that you can checkout on Sephora, an anti-aging one and one interesting one called minor sin. I have been using Urban Decay primers for a few years now and am extremely happy with them. I think Urban Decay has some of the best primers around for eyes and that they have lasted so long as a product is a testament to how well they work. Urban Decay has dependable and beautiful eye primers. And primer just makes your eyeshadow stand up and last all day and night so much better then if you didn’t wear primer at all underneath your eyeshadow.