Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – The Bottom of the Hill

I tumbled down the hill at the side of the bridge and fell at the bottom on a walking trail. I was sore all over. I slowly arose my body aching. I couldn’t walk on my ankle and I felt so dizzy I was sick to my stomach.

That’s when I saw her leaning against one of the bridge pylons. Her clothes were ripped and dirty and her deep brown eyes had a vacant look. She approached me with caution and bared her teeth. Long strips of dirty oily hair fell in her face as she slowly moved towards me, a knife gripped in her dirty hand.

 Suddenly, the knife was buried agonizingly in my side and the girl was reaching in my pockets to steal my wallet and phone. She concluded, by taking my boots and casting them into the pathway. I called out uselessly for someone to help me. But darkness fell and I lay there under the bridge, a victim of my own stupidity. My feet were freezing. 

Word Count: 175 words

Bridge Photo

Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting!


26 thoughts on “Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – The Bottom of the Hill”

  1. I read both versions and can’t decide which I like better. The shorter version is good because it leaves so much to the reader’s imagination. But I really, really, really like the last line of this one. I may have to sleep on it…

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    1. I didn’t look at the picture carefully enough. Then i was reading all these stories with boots in them. And the boots really stand out in the picture. I’m not sure which is better but second one suits the prompt picture better! 🙂


  2. I actually thought it was a toy train until I read the others stories and realise they were in fact a pair of booth. I love you led up to the scene with the girl and your description of her made for a great in visualization.

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