Sunday Photo Fiction: Locked Up Part 2 – A Night On The Yacht Gone Wrong

Part 1:

I awake to the sound of doves cooing. I can see them through the dirty window of the room I’m locked in. The doves are cuddling and it makes me think of my own partner Graham.

I have a lot of time to think. I’ve tried everyday to break the window or open the door but nothing I try works. So, I am left sitting on the bed, which is suprisingly comfortable and new. Likewise the rest of the furniture in the room. I have the sneaking suspicion it was bought for me knowing that I would be in this room awhile.

I look out the dingy window and the door opens. The handsome kidnapper walks in and looks me up and down. He has an English accent when he speaks and his name is Jax.

” The money has not been wired for you yet, I’m afraid you’ll be with us longer then I expected.” He frowns at this unpleasant news.

” I’m sure my family will send the money” I cry,  ” We have lots, I’ve got awhole trust fund full and so does my boyfriend.”

“It’s not your money I want, it’s the Everetts… You’re their daughter are you not?”

“No I’m Allie Alendale” I say quietly. “Their daughter is named Cassandra.”

Jax looks at me strangely. ” No you’re Cassandra I’m sure of it!” I shake my head.

“Well Allie, you can help me get the Everetts money then. I’m warning you better pull your weight around here.” And Jax shuts me in my prison again. The doves have flown away.


Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting!


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