Poem: Make or Break?

This is just a dream, all the pain I know

This is just, a nightmare, that will end when I wake up

I’ll find myself at the end of rainbow and I won’t drown in tears

I’ll find the hope that I need to survive, and I won’t disappear

This is just an error, in the plan of everything

This is just a rainy day, not the day the sun explodes

I’lll find a pathway to take, I’ll leave without a word

I’ll find a dream to live, and I won’t ever give up

But there are days it’s hard to try, when I would like to just give up

There are days when I would like to roll over, and go back to sleep

To fight to do the little things, I haven’t got the strength

To go out a little and be exhausted, that I cannot handle

When do we prosper, when does the light reach the sky and delight

Why do we live, in the short seconds of a breath, and then we are gone

I cannot say why anything is the way it is, it just is

I cannot truthfully say, that a fighting spirit wins

I don’t know the truth anymore, I just try to get by

And the hours tick down as the day goes by

Maybe by the evening all feel  better, and I won’t have to face

Another day, of lies that I am tired of and days I can’t get through.


Literary Lion: Sophia Crying

Sophia had deep blue eyes that saw right through you to the heart, but I hoped they didn’t see through to mine. Tears hung on her lashes like dew drops on the grass and I wondered why Sophia was still crying. She sat on the bench outside the building flipping a pen back and forth with her fingers as she wept. Her eyes were turning red and Sophia wiped them with the back of her coat sleeve. She was suddenly wracked with sobs.

I could see her little body move up and down as the sobs took over. She flicked the pen somewhere by the bench and covered her teary eyes. I watched her from just inside the doors not so far away wondering if I should step in and ask her whats wrong, though I knew. Sophia’s hands moved up to cover her face as she crumpled into herself and wept as if she was truly broken.

I left my hiding place where I watched her just as it began to rain outside. I sat down beside her and patted her back soothingly. She looked at me with those large teary blue eyes and again I couldn’t shake the feeling that she saw right through my motives. ” It’s okay Sophia” I murmured drawing her into my body while she continued to sob. Her mascara had begun to run and found it’s way to my white dress shirt. But I didn’t mind. I was okay just sitting here holding Sophia as she wept in the rain.

Suddenly, she stopped and looked at me teary eyed and intense, “he’s gone” she said, ” and he’s never coming back. I’ll never see him again and he was the love of my life. All we got was two years together. Two years. That’s it.” Sophia wiped her eyes and I looked at her with feigned sympathy.

“Robert’s gone to a better place, Sophia. You’ll see him there one day.”

“But that’s so long Jackson”

” I know darling I know. But I’m here for you, for whatever you need”

” Thank God for you Jackson. I’d never be able to handle this on my own.”

I smiled a small smile at Sophia and held her closely. She didn’t know would never know the truth about Robert’s death. I had been in the car driving across the bridge at night and he had been walking. I ran him down at the crosswalk and threw his badly hurt body over the bridge into the water below. He was standing in the way of Sophia and I. But now as she wept she was mine. We would grow closer and not Sophia, not anyone, would ever know the truth about Robert.

Word Count: 450 words

Thanks to I Smith Words for the prompt eyes.