Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – The Castle Falls 

The walls of the castle were impenetrable, or so they thought. Kate was wearing the armour of one of the guards she found dead. She was ready to attack anyone who might steal her away.

The year was 1493 and another vassal had attacked her father when he had refused to cede to him. Kate’s father, Edward, was a proud but good man and it had long been known that he held the biggest slice of the King’s land and had the biggest army.

The other vassal Henry, had longed for Edwards land, army, fortune, and daughter. But Edward had refused knowing the terrible reputation Henry had, but they had underestimated him.

Kate hid amongst the shadows and when Henry came tramping into the castle to her bedroom she shot him through the heart, then escaped out the tunnels that only her family knew about. She met her father badly injured on the way. “We go to your cousin James’ stronghold” he rasped “there will be justice.”

Word Count: 165 words

Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting!


20 thoughts on “Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – The Castle Falls ”

  1. Great story Mandi! She was able to get rid of the awful Henry and not end up married to him! Glad she and her father were safe in the end. 🙂 There is one typo. In the last paragraph, new should be knew. 🙂 Your middle finger didn’t hit the ‘k’ button. Great story!


  2. I find it so interesting the many takes on this prompt, and the legacy castles and that time period left with us, especially the women. Great tale. I especially loved the strength of your main character. Very well done.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I think you must have had to be a strong woman in those times even if you were a noble woman. I took medieval history in University and we learned that if say one Lord poked out the eyes of your son who was his hostage, then the other Lord would poke out the eyes of the other’s guys daughter who was his hostage. Not a very forgiving time.


  3. I like the medieval feel of your story, and that you haven’t made the heroine into a weak and timid woman – as so many stories set at that time do. It’s interesting how castle sieges could occur over such things as greed and jealousy as well as power and wealth. A great story for the prompt, Mandi. 🙂

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