Sunday Photo Fiction: A Night on The Yacht Gone Wrong

The ship we are on is alive with lights that burn brightly in the night. I grab Grahams hand and look at him with admiration. He is wearing a light grey suit, no tie. I look at his handsome face with his dancing green eyes that glow in the light of table we are sitting at and sigh.

It was at this same event we meant two summers ago, at the Everett’s summer party on their large yacht. I tripped over my silver dress in my tall purple silk Jimmy Choos and I fell into him. We both spilled champagne all over each other and we laughed. He made me so happy and buoyant. We have scarce been without each other since.

Graham grabs my hand and we dance to Lonestar’s “Amazed by You” and we are like every other couple on the dance floor happy and immersed in the lights in the dark of night.

Suddenly, I’m grabbed from behind by a man with a gun. He is wearing a dark suit.  He rips my beautiful jade gown at my knees so I can walk and points me forward. I stumble in my couture heels.

With a gun aimed at my back and Graham knocked unconscious, I am led forward through the crowd to the plank that we used to board the boat. No one has noticed that I am being kidnapped and they probably just think Graham is passed out drunk. The man who has large brown eyes and a handsome face, or what I would consider handsome if he wasn’t kidnapping me, blind folds me and pulls me over his shoulder. A cloth is held over my mouth and everything fades to black.

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Poem: Not the End 

I’ve never hurt so bad,

Without you, Without you.

Couldn’t keep all the love we had,

I’m sad I hurt you.

We had the best of times,

Together, not forever.

And I’ve never hurt so bad,

Couldn’t handle the love we had.

I’m sad to say that,

We just didn’t last to the end.

And times calling me to move on,

I may never have that love again,

Without you, without you.

You accepted me in way,

That no other man did.

I may spend my days alone,

But I’ll never forget the good,

The fire that burned, 

But then it rained with truth.

So, farewell to you my friend,

May we meet again,

May this be not the end.