Relationship Fail

It’s not always easy to make tough decisions. Finding the right guidance can also be a challenge. I have dated A for four years and I wonder if our relationship will survive beyond the dating stage. You think that I would know by now but it isn’t that easy.

Sometimes your heart dives into someone and a relationship and wants things to work out so badly you just keep going along with the status quo even though you can’t really see much of a future. You may have even thought there was a future at one time but been wrong.

Religion is a huge deal in many relationships. And marriage is a path I really want to take with someone who has similar values. I don’t want to have this gorge always between myself and my husband concerning God and how we view Him. I need someone to support my belief system. And if there are kids, you definitely have to agree on values because you don’t want to confuse them or have this big face off in mommy versus daddy. 

So, it breaks my heart but I think A and I or going to have to have a big talk and decide our future for good. I don’t think it will end well. I think I will end up saying goodbye to a man I love and accepts me the way I am, but it’s not fair to A to be in a relationship I believe is not going anywhere. My relatives don’t know about him and his relatives don’t know about me. We are both hiding one another. This can’t be. We need to grow up and be true to ourselves. Since, we both believe in entirely different religions and our both strong believers, I don’t think the situation looks good. How could I just see this now I don’t know. 


Poem: My Other Half

I thought you were my other half

But I couldn’t keep my doubts

To myself, anymore.

So, your not my other half

I’m the one whose fault it is

I ended us, and now I mourn.

Wish, you were my other half.

We’ve been together for awhile.

Now, I broke our bond.

Tried to be the girl for you

But in the end one difference eluded

Our religious values were too varied

And I’m ashamed I had to do it

Had to cut myself away from one I love

Now our hearts our broken

And you will go on being wonderful you

I will cry in shame

Because I let you get away

I will go away

And I don’t think anyone 

will love me like you did

But love is not enough

To a marriage make.