Literary Lion: Two-Stepping 

Kiera use to go to country bars when she first came onto the bar scene at eighteen-years-old. She could do most of the line dancing, except the really hard ones. But she could not, for the life of her, two-step.

It seemed a simple enough dance but she could never get the rhythm right. She stumbled around and apologized for stepping on toes in her high heels while other girls danced easily. Some guys she danced with never minded, while others would get upset with her, wondering why she could not understand such an easy dance. 

Once in awhile she would accidentally do the right steps and she would become excited that she could finally two-step. But her friends would giggle and pat her back when Kiera went back to tripping over her own feet. So, she would just do a back and forth step with her partner or just sway to a favourite country song. But the good looking Cowboys never picked her when the slow songs came on or especially the fast ones. She watched year after year as other girls flipped and spun while she was a wallflower. 

When Kiera was twenty-four years old a guy about twenty-eight years old asked her to dance. He looked like any other cowboy who would be disappointed in her dance steps. But something changed in his soft blue eyes when he learned she could not dance.  Instead of getting mad at Kiera the cowboy, Jaimee, slowed down and stroking her cheek said, “Here, let me show you how to two-step, believe it or not I use to not know how to two-step either until my Aunt showed me.” 

Jaimee patiently worked with Kiera perfecting her steps, dips, turns, and every country two-stepping move one could do. He did this over several nights and weekends and never commented on how hopeless Kiera was at dancing and eventually Kiera wasn’t a bad dancer anymore. When she could finally dance Jaimee commented ” Well that’s it, I think your an excellent dancer now, you’ve got it.” Kiera looked at Jaimee uncomfortably.

” Does this mean no more dancing with you?”she asked Jaimee and he smiled. 

” No Kiera, it’s just the beginning” and they danced together slowly as the bar closed down. No music was playing but the silent music they both knew in their hearts. 

Thanks to I Smith Words for the prompt dance.


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