Poem: For Suffering 

If strength should find me,
I would prey, Lord take this pain away.

And he might answer:

“Yes, my child.”

And I could go on with my life.

And feel that I am fortified against the things that make me sad.

The sickness that I live with. 

And I should prey, because prayer heals,

And I think God might be answering my prayers.

But I suffer just the same, as you prayed “Lord take this cup away.”

You promised to fight for me, If only I’d be still.

But having faith is so hard when all you want to do is move, not lie in bed all day.

Yet, I know that you are “I am,” with the whole world in your hands.

And I’m struggling still with the fact, that you would want this future for me

God, why must we suffer?

How could you cause us to feel pain, and love us so. 

The answer given is sublime.

Take a look at He who suffered and died, it is so you might know Him so.

And in your misery become reliant on him.

Because when I am weak He is strong.

But I sing my fight song anyways,

I know that He fights with me now.

And every time I draw away,

He will bring me back again, in the most patient way.

I understand His reasons little

But that one day I should be with Him eternally.

And as a person of the world I walk a thin line.

That I must follow Him and His ways and still deal with being me, a hurting person,

Who wants to live just the way the world goes.

But strength I feel is coming from Him, so I might heal as he trains my soul. 

And one day not feel this again, never in this lifetime or the next.