Leaving Hospital

Well I’m back home now after a three week stay in hospital. Don’t worry, it was nothing serious, just some medication changes that have made my insomnia a thing of the past and allowed me reduce the amount of medication I was taking for my depression or mood disorder. I also spent part of last week and three days this week doing psychological testing. I had done some the first three years after I first became ill and they will compare the data. It might give them an idea what exactly I have. My doctor has never been able to pin point this as their was the psychosis in 2008, and a definite mood component, plus the chronic fatigue. Good luck is all I can say.

I was able to rest up a lot in hospital and had many wonderful visiters at night. A came every Wednesday and brought me this beautiful tall orchid. I was spoiled with too much chocolate and food/drink from the gift shop and other places. I missed most of our hot weather as it was always air conditioned inside. But I did do some walking around the grounds when I was able. I also had extremely nice and excellent room mates, new friends. 

The worst thing was spending my 30th birthday in hospital but I got a pass and went for dinner to Earls South Edmonton Common with my Mom and brother at night. We also discovered the Lindt Chocolate store in the area and were highly impressed. On weekends I had pass to go home. The first pass I felt horrible, the second I went to the mall with my Mom, dinner with A, and errands on Sunday. 

I got out of hospital yesterday. A drove me home in his new car. I am so happy to be home and look forward to a birthday celebration with friends in August, the Taste of Edmonton, reading some books on my tablet, and trying to complete my Residential Interiors program with one course on Residential furnishings. Hopefully, there are some other activities in the works for me. I feel like I have a bit more energy, so I hope it’s true. 


Literary Lion: This Thing Called Time

” How much time until I need to go to work,” you ask your partner as you get ready in the morning. ” What time do I pick my son up from soccer” you ask your sons coach. “How much time do I have?” you ask your doctor after discovering you have cancer in your bones. Time. There is never enough of it yet we seem to be overwhelmed by how much time we have.

” I should be doing something, I feel bored” you say as time ticks by slowly. ” There is such a long time between rounds in play off hockey” your husband says thinking the time off will spoil his teams victory run. “I wish the time would just fly by” an expectant mother feels as she labours for the twenty-forth hour. 

However, if I were to think about it I would say we have a great deal more trouble with not having enough time in today’s society as we fill every moment we have with work, gym, and meetings; piano lessons and sports for the kids inbetween school and homework and friends; preparing healthy meals, and keeping your white picket fence house clean and designer looking; all the time we spend on technology googling, answering emails, typing documents, creating presentations, tweeting, face booking and text messaging; there is never enough time to do it all.

Time is something of an interesting term because it will exist long after we and our descendants are gone. What is time? That’s a hard question maybe a philosophy professor or physicist could answer exactly but I don’t think so. 

Time is what we live in, what limits us from living to long, what limits are cells from regenerating after 120 years if we make it that far. Time is moments we wish to remember forever, it is memories lost to itself, it has a beginning — a Big Bang from an intelligent designer I believe — but we don’t know of times end. We can’t function without time, it would be impossible. 

I guess since we don’t know how much time we have we had best use it well, to help others, and make the world better for a future time. Because we can’t change the past we need to live with passion because every day draws us closer to the end of time as we know it. 

At the end of that time I see God and Heaven, a place that is timeless. What you see, you must decide in what time you have.

Thanks to I am Smith for the prompt time.