Saturday Matters

I have been trying to stay busy as classes have wrapped up for me. The last couple years has ended in spring with me and a bunch of ebooks to read. I am reading  Grey the Fifty Shades Grey from Christian’s point of view. I like it because it’s interesting to have his view on Ana and I dislike it for the same reason. At times he is in such awe of Anastasia and wonders how she could have a good effect on him. At other times I just wish he’d keep his perverted dirty mind to himself because unlike Ana’s view of the story, you’re not just seeing a sweet mostly tolerant Christian, your also seeing a dark sometimes gross and misspoken Christian in his thoughts. I’m positive guys are the more perverted sex in real life, in Grey most definitely. What would interest me more was to see what he is thinking when he has changed and decided not to be the dominant but the loving boyfriend who wants to marry Ana. That would share the sweetness of the original books.And I just found out today E.L. James is indeed planning to do Fifty Shades Darker  from Christian’s view, so for that I am happy.

It’s Ramadan and I detest it a bit as holy as it is for Muslims. To me this just means forty days where I hardly get to see my boyfriend. And if I do it’s 11:00 pm at night and difficult if not impossible some nights to stay up and see him. Plus, I really do not think it’s healthy that he is not drinking water during the day, especially in hot weather or in his hot apartment. He tells me he is use to it but I still don’t believe that that is healthy.

I have to decide on something new in school. I want to do Creative Writing but an MFA is so expensive. A certificate is expensive so I might as well get the MFA. Editing is just not for me I am not that detailed and I can’t get my marks above or at a seventy. That’s not good for editing. I’m just more of a writer I suppose. But the good news is I have finally found someone at the University of Alberta willing to work with me to finish my last course in Residential Design so I can get that Certificate from home and not have to go to class because I can’t do the night classes. I will be taking History of Furnishings and doing my own studying at home and going in the day to write the exams. Any assignments I will also hand in in the day to the Liberal Studies office. So, that’s something exciting. After, I think I will just look for more writing courses. Simon Fraser University still had some writing courses you could take online but not in their Certificate for Creative Writing. For now, that might be a good idea until I can do my MFA in Creative Writing at UBC.

I’ve also started a new feature on my blog Literary Lion on my blog by I am Smith on Wednesday’s. It’s a 400 word story based on a word prompt. It’s great to have the freedom to write more and if anyone wants to join please check out one of my Literary Lion blogs for the link at the bottom of the page to Laura’s page. This is also means I have a ton more reading to do along with my Tuesday feature Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers so I will do my best to read all that I can and comment but if I miss you one week I’m sorry.

Also, I am a big fan of Lush products. If you love natural products that are lovely for your Lip Scrub Mint Julep
Lip Scrub Mint Julep

skin and hair I encourage you try them. I recently got a purple shampoo (for blond and grey hair) and a great nourishing conditioner. Plus, I don’t think I have ever written to you about their lip scrub so that blog to come as soon as I get around to it as well as a makeup blog of a few odds and ends.

That’s all for now.

15 thoughts on “Saturday Matters”

  1. I am not a fan of Fifty Shades. I thought it was the worst book I’d ever read. I take that back, it wasn’t the worst, but damn near close. The worst was titled “When the Drum Major Died.” I died reading it. LOL! Anyway, good luck with the Christian Grey version!

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    1. Took me awhile to like the first one. I liked the second and third much better they are more thrillers with sex. If you didn’t like the first series don’t read the second, Christian Grey is majorly screwed up until he decides to change because of Anna in the second book.

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      1. Actually in the original series book 2 and 3 are much better. More thrillers with sex then him trying to get Anastasia. He loves her so it makes all the difference. But I’d just wait until the movies came out if u get curious! Lol!

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  2. Haven’t read Fifty Shades but just finished “Girl On A Train” which was fair. I plan to include a page on books I’ve read on my blog and attempted to view your links, Literary Lion and Flash Fiction. They weren’t linked when I tried. Enjoy your blogs . . . seriously just saying

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    1. Literary Lion was linked by I am Smith in the blue lettering. The fiction for aspiring writers didn’t have a link but if you go back to one of my stories titled that there are always links to it through Priceless Joy at the bottom. Glad you enjoy my blogs. That means at least somebody does lol


  3. I read few lines but since I haven’t read the novel yet, I don’t want to get spoilers. In short, tell me is it any better? I liked the second one the best with some story, others were just😐 , lol

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    1. It’s good if you’ve read the version from Ana. I always wondered what Christian thought but let’s remember he’s a perverted Dom and his best like the second book in Ana’s series will come then.


      1. Mentally unstable psychotic person, and their attraction always named as love from beginning which should be lust. I am really not fan of the book and the concept but since it was so hot I ordered the trilogy. Now I will read the new one too, I wanna see the Grey’s world. I must confess I am curious what new dimension will it bring;)

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      2. I was meaning to say the beginning a thought of lust should be mentioned. If not Ana, Grey would have been on to many more women. The twist I like is how love is changing him and it’s the sweet part.

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