Literary Lion: The Great Escape from the Village

Alice was a beautiful girl with braids of white blond hair and cornflower blue eyes. She was kind to everyone in the village and cared for the smallest child to the sickest widow. What Alice enjoyed about her life was her freedom to do as she pleased and take care of the village, her home for twenty-four years.

But the tall grass in the distance called to Alice like a dream. A part of her wished to escape all the problems of the village and to see the world outside the valley. To visit Rome and Paris and all those places a village girl only hears about. But then she meant Kye.

Kye was big and strong and muscular. His chest had an eight pack that veed at his waist as young women dream about. He was handsome with dark navy blue eyes and thick brown hair.

The connection between the two young people was immediate and they found themselves married sooner than they could blink. Then a first child came along, a little girl with long brown hair and cornflower blue eyes as her mother had. 

Alice loved Kye but she also yearned for the world beyond the village and often asked Kye that they might visit the famous cities in Europe and take their daughter Elesabeth there too. Kye wanted to please his beloved wife but he ran his families entire farm and had no time to get away.

One night he asked his brother Ron if he might help and take over the duties of the farm so Kye and his young family might see the world. But Kye and Ron’s father overheard them and threatened Kye’s young wife Alice with a beating should Kye try to escape. He watched them all very closely and said wherever they went he would find them. 

Ron too wanted to see the world beyond the valley so they made a pact and one night with their small suit cases in hand, the family and Kye’s brother Ron slipped into the tall grass and the valley, all their money and cards held closely in their pockets, and left the village never to be seen again.

Kye’s father was furious and sent men far and wide to find his two son’s and Kye’s family. But he never did come across them and when the time came that the father was dying, the land and all that was in it went to some distant cousin. Kye became a businessmen in Europe he sold and traded fine fabrics and finishings with Ron. Alice went to school and became a University Professor in French and the little girl Elesabeth knew nothing of the life in the village; they had escaped.

Word Count: 463

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