Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – Part 6 The End – A Whisp in the Wind 

Dear Bernice,

As I stand here at your grave I can’t believe you were right, Davey was trying to kill me. I just wish he hadn’t gotten to you first.

Six months ago I took off on a horse having been raped by Davey and arrived at a police station. I was given a rape kit at the nearest hospital and evidence of Davey’s DNA was taken from my body. Davey was already in the polices’ system and they matched the DNA on my body to his. 

At his ranch, they found a hunting knife with your blood on it and a sawed off shot gun which he admitted he was eventually going to kill me with.

It’s not fair Bernice, that your ghost should save me and we should find your body in a fridge in Davey’s basement as if you weren’t a person, my sister. I love you forever and think I am going away from my condo for awhile, maybe up to San Francisco, I always wanted a house there. 


( A letter left at Bernice’s grave).

Word Count: 180

Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting!


Poem: ” Not Another Word”

I don’t want to hear about the girl who died today

The car accident that killed two and possibly one more

I don’t want to hear another word about the child whose life was changed by disease 

About the mother who has cancer again

All I can do is pray

Oh not another word, I can’t face it all today

Don’t sing another song, about something that went wrong

Cause when I here the worst, it makes me think that life ain’t bad

Oh not another word, cause inside I know today got a little worse for someone today.

I don’t want to hear about those dogs you’ve been abusing

The sad eyes of the pets and the children scar me all the most

I don’t want to hear whose death is approaching

Or who might live to suffer another day of pain

All I can do is pray

Oh not another word, cause one by one we’re damaged

Just another thought, for the child who has no parents

Oh not another word, cause to not see this broken world is cruel

Oh not another word, that depressed young man can’t handle it.

Oh not another word, cause inside I know the world became a worse place today

A damaged place to pray